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as usual, before anything he has already refute he is wrong, he fails to realize it is not the quarrel, but he himself is the problem.

you all remember how he handled the argument in parliament about mas selamt case? when KBW was being grilled?

i do not believe that he will be truthful about his intentions, and he will continue to hoodwink all singaporeans.

my points which i think he WILL fail to achieve
1) respect his own dad LKY will
2) have a proper answer about why he "bully" LWL.
3) a proper answer why he say LHY/SF "doctored" LKY will, when in fact, it end up same as previous will. why he labelled LHY/SF in a criminal way when in fact, it was STILL LKY will.
4) why he pressured LKY to change the will
5) his explaination of his "special committee" vs a legal will
LKY changed his will, for his own reason, LHL changed the government to counter that purpose/reason, wow WTF?

im very sure a very cool new smoke screen will be manufactured, and sadly all will be forgotten, just like how he stopped all the questioning of KBW during mas selamat case.

i hope everyone understand, the monumental "object" in all of this is LKY, not LKY's house. a monuments act or law is BS, since even our textbook can be altered to sound right in their own smelly eyes, what else can they NOT do to make themselves look good?

what bloody koyok will they "sell" to us USING the power and adulterated image of government and parliament this time.

LKY did quite alot to shield us from LHL actually, LHL did not learn anything, he is still the same person who slapped dhanabalan ... well of course he is.
Bro, your KBW during mas selamat case is ?

two shortie leh ? WKS or KBW ?
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