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There are 2 misrepresentations in this chart.

First, the committee, is not a 'secret' committee. The word 'secret' only caught on when Mr. Lee H Y used it frequently.

In fact, it was clarified and should be familiar to many higher-ranking civil servants, i assume, that a number of committees of various matters exist.

And not all have to be listed to Singaporeans. Btw, do we all actually know how many committees exist in the entire Singapore government. My point is, they exist to solve problems.

Secondly, the will was brought into question only because of the heritage site to be conserved (or demolished).

And the committee wanted to know the first PM's wishes probably. If the committee did not even refer to the will, the next thing we know is they will probably be hammered again for being disrespectful.

The impression that this chart gives to the regular observing crowd is, 幸灾乐祸,making fun of others' misfortunes.

What Singaporeans wants and deserve, are people who can solve problems.
Not imagining corruption, imagining abuse of power, so much creativity can be used to solve issues.
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