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Firstly, stop lying and misleading others. Clearly you didnt even bother to read
- PMO statement
- PM Lee's statutory declaration
- Lee siblings fb posts with evidence to refute all accusations

It is a secret committee because the Lee siblings requested for information about the committee repeatedly for 1 year, but was denied. They even mentioned Lawrence Wong brush them off when they raised the point of conflict of interest of Shanmugam being on such a committee. Below is LHY's post on fb.

Secondly, PM Lee himself said this is a Lee family private matter. Under what legal authority does the legislative branch (PAP Ministers) have to
- use state organs for a private matter?
- interfer with the judiciary branch? (court issued grant of probate)
- violate the principle of separation of powers in Singapore? To prevent abuse of power between legislative branch (PAP Ministers) and judiciary branch.

The PMO statement clearly stated that investigations started because of PM Lee's statutory declarations.

From PM Lee's statutory declarations (3,882 words), it is clear he was using the secret committee to challenge the validity of LKY's will. Point 37 specifically alleged that LKY was unaware of the demolition clause being inserted.

It is fundamental law of evidence, that he who alleges must prove. There is a proven will by probate. Whoever alleges otherwise has the burden of proof. So, LHL can go and prove that his father was a fool or senile when he signed the last will and codicil.

LHY has accussed PM Lee of
- lying to Parliament
- lying under oath
- abuse of power using state organs

The evidence brought forth by LHY comes directly from
- PM Lee's parliamentary statement
- PM Lee's statutory declaration to the secret committee

How can all the PAP Ministers and the government continue to keep mum about such serious allegations?

Former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong said before ministers that are defamed but do not sue, must leave cabinet.

"We have an understanding that if a minister is defamed and he does not sue, he must leave cabinet."
- Goh Chok Tong, Asiaweek, Dec 3, 1999
Well said, well said.
With the necessary references to back up the conclusions.
This is what a good factual post should be.
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