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since LWL is a doctor, i think LHL have much difficulty in proving LKY is senile. LHL will have to force SMC to say things he want, i doubt he HAVE alot of doctor "friends".

LHL said he no longer own the house or is involved with oxley house, then why allow government be involved? the will of LKY is LKY's business. to be truly out of involvement, shouldn't he then step down as an officer of the state = totally zero government power then is considered NOT involved? so he is contradicting himself isnt he?

LHL is trying hard to detract the public focus on the formation of the committee and how LHL didn't stop them, who is the one approve this committee ? the entire Lee family agreed? or is HC the one that suggest this committee?

again, the thing truly monumental is LKY, not the house, i don't understand what LHL is doing to the country by flipping around the oxley house. however 3 things very prominent here ...
1) he doesn't respect LKY, so the monument act is surely a fake pretense of preserving monuments. eg : CENOTAPH is a monument, anybody see anything glorious done to actual monuments in singapore yet?
2) he isn't close to his own brother/sisters. since LHL can slap dhanabalan, i wonder how much he bully his own siblings.
3) it isnt even istana, why LHL make it a government issue? will hundreds of old building in SG get same treatment if LKY touch it before?

and by pulling the weight of the government around in the case, why doesnt LHL use his primeminister power to say, OK NOW GOVERNMENT ALSO DONT TOUCH THE HOUSE. why he still allow government to molest the case? if he can say he not involved, like he do to the mas selamat case, why dont he say to all the MP " YOU ALL SHUT UP and mIND your own business" ...
go parliament debate also one man show...remove party whip who dare to question also..all qns are already submitted for vetting n preparation... opp mp most probably will stroke a bit or keep quiet coz its actually none of their business...why wanna fight a losing battle n later dio fixed

shd invite LHY n LWL to debate in parliament
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