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I am a 20 year old male waiting for matriculation into NUS. Currently looking for future potential tutees to tutor this year end/next year (willing to wait for next year's curriculum i.e start teaching in december). I am looking to teach Primary school Mathematics and Science or Secondary School Science/Maths.

Academics qualifications (Subjects I teach):
A level H2 Maths A
A level H2 Biology A
A level H2 Chemistry A
O level Pure Biology/ Pure Chemistry/ Pure Physics A
O level E math A
PSLE score 250

Past experiences:
Currently tutoring my primary school cousin maths and science
Tutored informally to a classmate in the jc level in H2 maths/sciences, coupled with his hard work and effort, had improved from a U to an A for maths/bio/chemistry

Preferred location to teach : East side
Price: Looking at $30/ hr for Primary school level, $40/hr for secondary school level (Varies based on the situation and is negotiable )

If you're willing to try me out as your son/daughter's tutor give me a message at 92998458.
Would love to help weaker students improve in their studies so that they have more choices open up to them in future.
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