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Review of Marbella M550 Deluxe

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Old 24-04-2009, 06:38 PM   #1
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Review of Marbella M550 Deluxe

i had som much advice for GPS from here.. So now its time to contribute back to the forum hehe

Got my Marbella M550 deluxe for 2 weeks liao.

Here is my review.. If i am wrong , just let me know

BUT during the IT Fair, the demand was overwhelming>> i need to wait for at least 1 month before i received the GPS. (standard problem faced for ordering at IT fair) :crycry:

I got it via mail, Speed post. Delivery timing as set at my convenience :yehyeh:

The packaging is chio and classy leh

Price i got is $380 from Makagps

1)GPS navigator with malsing & mapking Singapore and Malaysia maps
2)movie player (3gp, wav, avi)
3)Pictures viewer (jpg, bmp, gif and other std format)
4)Music player (wav, mp3)
6)FM transmitter for navigation and video playing
7)TTS function available


Inside the box, there are quite a few items. IN fact, much more than others

1) AV cable (from gps to TV RGB)
2) Car adaptor - charging in car/ FM transmitter's antenna
3) AC adaptor - charging at home
4) USB - charging via pc/for copying file
5) 2GB micro sd + SD card adaptor with malsing & mapking Singapore and Malaysia maps loaded
6) Card reader
7) screen protector
8) Car mounting
9) stylus

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Old 24-04-2009, 06:42 PM   #2
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The car mount for the gps is easy to set up .. but sometimes, it will drop off from the glass one (common fault for all car mounting) -> but rarely happens haha

The GPS has a 4.3" screen size. Quite a decent size..
The exterior got a layer of black rubber coating > not slippery, good for me as i got sweaty palms + even i put on dashboard, it will not slip off so easily

The connectors that M550 have are as followm
Bottom> the USB connector

Sides>> SD card, earpiece connector , AV-IN

Top>> On/OFF switch - for toggling to sleeping mode (must press and hold for 2 sec)

Behind >> Stylus (i rarely use, as i use my fingers hehe --> The icons/keyboard are quite big. Even my fat fingers can also type easily). Speaker is at the back too

Mounted view

The start up for M550 is quite fast. From Cold start, it will take a maximum of 10s to boot up then another 2s to enter the Navigator software (i set the navigation to auto load on start up)

The volume, backlight, bluetooth, colour settings, touch sensitivity, screen orientation can be configured at the "setting"

Overall the standalone Volume for video and navigatation is quite loud, even when i set at 80% vol. CONFIRM can hear one. Quite good even when the speaker is at the back.

(the only bug i encounter is that the FM transmitter function is disabled right now. There is a bug and MAKAGPS said it will be solved by April. => i cant use my FM transmitter yet, so CANT wirte anything yet)

For navigation, there are malsing and mapking Spore and Malaysia maps loaded. The updates for both type of maps for both countries are FREE for life and overseas maps can be loaded FOC BUT for a period of time only.

For the 1st usage of the navigation software, the GPS took quite a while to get a fix (roughly 4 min then managed to locate my position).

BUT i will account this as the initial triangulation/initialization of the software. 2nd time onwards, the fix is very fast, within a max of 10s, i got a fix liao. EVEN when i am doing a Cold start.

I used Mapking Singapore map most of the time as it is more detailed.
The map+ software>> CAn search by postal codes, partial names, street number, street name , building names.Therefore, confirm can locate anything at any location one haha. I also tell you where are ERP (but no ERP charges), speed cameras and wat speed limit too. Night/day mode are available too

Routing can be done via FASTEST, Avoid expressway, recommended, etc etc. The driving instructions can be showed and voiced in many languages. They will tell u where to tell in advance. So far, from City hall to Tampines, the instructions are accurate.

There is a TTS (text to speech) option too. ==> instead of tell u "turn left in 500m" or "exit in 500m", it will tell u in more details " turn left to AMK Ave 1 in 500m" or "exit EXIT 4A Tampines in 500m"

i kind of like this function as it really let me know where to turn haha

To me, the ReRouting is quite fast. In 5 to 10 seconds, a new route will be plotted and you are back on track again. When i miss a turn, i will just continue to drive on/ exit at the next exit. Then new instructions will come liao. No need to panic haha

Customer Services

The hotline for faults and bugs are quite good >> because the person who answered my call are the REAL expert (Johnny). No need to list to those robotic voice options or beautiful but brainless customer service officer. Johnny really can give u details explanation/advice/helps over the phone. And he will even tell u where to go for updates, etc etc. :yehyeh:

Overall Verdict

For $380 , i feel that i am getting quite a lot of functions liao. At this price, i can only get an average navigator from other brand only. Some dont even have the TTS function, free update, good customer service/technical help loh

For marbella M550, i get a HIGH END product at average price leh..

Some people dont trust products made in China/taiwan. I AM one of those people too hahaha.. To much bad experience liao.

BUT for M550 and MAkagps, i am a satisfied user of Taiwan product leh

Maybe >The only draw back is that i cant get to use the FM transmitter YET.... (Johnny ... hope the fix comiing soon.)

* once i got FM transmitter working again, maybe i will update everyone agian =D
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Old 25-04-2009, 06:27 PM   #3
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The set itself doesn't look appealing at all.. Unlike the Holux GPSmile 62 which I just bought for my friend... Really slim and stylish design...

However, although it is using Mapking 2007, same as my PDA phone... The interface is different. Wonder whether its due to the Windows CE and Windows Mobile differences..

I search on my Mapking (PDA Phone) via HDB or Private Estate block number.. But the Holux one doesn't show that feature.. Neither does it show the postal code search feature too.. Wonder if it is present, just that I don't know how to use it?
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Old 26-04-2009, 01:36 AM   #4
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how come u buy 380 ar?? i bought on the last day i paid 399
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Old 23-05-2009, 01:50 PM   #5
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Ya loh! Why $380? Call up Maka look for Johonny - it still @ $399.

To all bro using M550,
I have question on the AV-in, did any bro fix the AV-in with Rear Parking Camera? Does it automatically turn to AV mode when you put on Reverse gear?

I check out Shinco GM-5100, it's not automatically user had to manually change to AV mode on the GPS device.
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Old 10-06-2009, 12:08 PM   #6
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Old 15-06-2009, 02:30 PM   #7
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Thumbs up

Finally, got mine Marbella M550. Notice they're few different compare IT Show and PC Show.

1. No logo on the GPS - no big issue.
2. Boot up without Marbella company logo - no big issue.
3. Missing USB cable for PC connection - no big issue.
4. The stand (for the car window) are different (prefer the older batch) - no big issue.
5. Fixed FM transmitter - great work Maka.

Overall I still happy with the device, the AV input function perfectly. To switch between GPS map and AV-in was fast and no lag. Good function.

Problem occur on Sunday (14 Jun 2009) till now. Manage to called Service line and spoken to Johnny. Hope the problem got resolve asap.

Keep up the good work Maka.
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Old 16-06-2009, 03:40 PM   #8
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bought one on May and spoilt on that day. one to one exchange the following working day. but no stocks, so wait for 3 weeks. Got it on the 4th week and work well for 6 days and "ding dong" GPS software couldn't activate the GPS function, so no statlites are found. read "Registry Com Error".

Have not call the "hotline" yet, maybe soon. 3rd day down, still hoping it will works...

Anyway for the FM transmitter function, the Audio from the stereo is so soft that i have to turn on full blast. FM normally volume 8-12 is very loud, for Marbella, I have to turn above 18 before i can hear anything.

and yah, no Marbella logo. LOL
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Old 14-10-2009, 08:14 AM   #9
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update on my Marbella M550 deluxe

Recently, my gps charging point got a few problems. BUT the Makagps Service Team's professionalism and services was FANTASTIC

My experience
1) Cant charge my gps.

So i brought down to the Alexandra office for them to serivce. Within a 20min, they serviced the gps by giving me a 1 to 1 exchange!!! No long questions asked... Only some essential usage questions... Very professional :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

2) Cigarette Charging unit got problem
When i return to my car, i plug in the car charging device, my whole cigarette charging unit fused... KNS... what happened...... I tried my hp car charging device, also cant. SO in conclusion, the gps car charing unit got problem.

So i went up again, so told them the problem. Straightaway, they went down to try it on one of their colleagues' car>>> His cigarette point also fused (so sorry for the colleague :crycry
Upon seeing this , they straightaway acknowledge the fact that the Gps charging unit got problem, EVEN after 1 year of using/abusing by me haha.

They offer me a new charing unit FOC!!!!

[size=10pt]My $0.02 opinions>>[/size]

Some service companies i went, they will ask so many questions so that they can push the blame onto the customer and avoid doing RMA or 1-1 exchange. For accessories like car charging unit, some service companies also claim that their Warrenty only cover the unit , NOT accessories.

BUT what i encountered at Makagps is totally Opposite!!! They are willing to accept the customers's feedback and rectify accordingly in a justifiable manners.

this is really wonderful customer service!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

* If u want a good GPS with good post sale service, i think this is the ONE liao...
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Old 14-10-2009, 08:39 AM   #10
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Nice detailed review

Thumbs up
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Old 01-12-2009, 11:57 PM   #11
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so the FM transmitter is still very soft?

is there any friction mount kit that can hold this babe? I dun wanna let any potential thief break into my car despite I dun have anything in my car.....so friction mount allows me to quickly take it off and hide it quick.
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Old 02-12-2009, 02:43 PM   #12
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Marbella M550 deluxe

Hi people,

Any one interested to buy my marbella set. Am selling away as bought garmin 1350. Full set with 1-2-1 xchg warranty of 11 mths.


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Old 02-12-2009, 03:10 PM   #13
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how much you selling? how come only 11 months? you kept it for 1 whole month and did nothing to it?
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Old 03-12-2009, 03:05 PM   #14
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Was using it for a month; decided to sell after acquiring a Garmin unit.

Product SOLD.

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