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go Qoo10 buy stuff, seller didn't deliver, refuse to give refund, staff no reply

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Old 16-01-2013, 10:29 PM   #61
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go hunt down the bad seller in other webbies also like ebay and amazon.
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Old 16-01-2013, 10:29 PM   #62
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Should have paid a little more for PayPal.
when i used paypal to pay thing no issue. i use card to pay then kena those scam $hit. jin fml
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Old 17-01-2013, 12:27 AM   #63
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it has hundreds over reviews. but they no longer replying to inquiries. so i suspect that those reviews could be clone accounts.

glgt their shop for you all to see. seller bo answer inquiries.

Qoo10-Singapore - Men
It says the item currently stopped selling wor. Seller run road liaoz ah.anyway a lot of stacked reviews and I think most of them were from selling an earlier batch of different clothes - dunno y qo1oo let them change sales item but keep the reviews from the previous sales item.
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Old 17-01-2013, 06:37 AM   #64
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Me too got **** from a china seller. Ordered and seller send to the wrong address. I checked with the courier company as they indicated delievered but its was not to my address. Contacted seller and every time show me the report as delivered. 8 emails to seller already and he can't proved to me the courier DO proof. Contacted qoo10 too and 3 email saying they are looking into my case. I ordered early dec.
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Old 17-01-2013, 08:14 AM   #65
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Same lor.. I email Qoo10 , they assured me they are looking into the case and liasing with the seller and told me can take up to a month .

My fug up seller is in Korea. I told my friend, he say Machiam I take plane to Korea, hunt down the seller and demand for a refund. ....
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Old 17-01-2013, 02:29 PM   #66
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Then not much diff buying from here and ebay except more local ppl buy and we see from those premium reviews to keep ourselves assured nia,right?
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Old 12-08-2013, 01:26 AM   #67
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Unhappy Qoo10 Poor Service

Unfortunately, they are well know for poor service. They expect you to liaise directly with the seller. You may just have to write in to them and keep trying.
Mine was the seller send a rejected goods (with the piece of paper by the original buyer with his name and hand writing detailing the defects) to me. I have to liaise direct with the seller - no words or phone call from Qoo10 even though I wrote in . Still have to pay the stamp fee to send the defective good back to the seller to get a replacement.
Really bad service.
Guess this will be my last of dealing with company like them.
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Old 08-11-2013, 04:43 PM   #68
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Thumbs down Bad & Lousy customer service from COZYPICK QOO10 - BOYCOTT THEM!

Hi All,

Recently I have a very bad experience with one of the Seller in Qoo10 - COZYPICK

They are Rude not only the staff but the BOSS itself too.. The staff will always push the question that was ask by consumer to their so call BOSS email

& I'm wondering are they the same person as the replies are all rude and NON-Orientated Customer Services.

How it happen;
I happily purchase order on 18OCT2013 - amount is not huge & opt for normal mailing. (Not the money that is the concern - is the service that they provide)

Seller didn't accept my order request immediately or even later part of the day. I didn't think about it just waited for my order to go thru.

On the 20OCT2013 - I was curious why seller didn't accept as it has been two days already so I send via Q-Box to check whether is there any problem with my order as it is still under ON REQUEST.

Seller Staff reply: due to overwhelming order - my order will only ship within 14DAYS. Email Direct to cozypick email, their bosses will help us out.

My point of view, this is very misleading as I'm just wondering why they didn't state in their ads mention that there are shortage of stocks with them, they have mislead consumer for buying product with them & don't even brother to send a msg until I ask what has happen. - Nvrmind on this.

So I email the BOSS to ask for estimation of delivery? (just for assuring) BUT the boss say the same thing about shipment delay & ask me to REQUEST CANCEL ORDER IF I CAN'T WAIT. - Well, nvrmind again.
I ask curiously that why they didn't mention in their ads that it is sold out - BOSS answer STOCK JUST SOLD OUT....

(FUNNY.... Meaning on 20Oct the stock just sold out and they don't even care to send out my order on 18OCT?? )
Since I have make payment & I want the product & this is the 1st time so No choice but to wait.
(At the time of purchase there wasn't any Group sales going on by COZYPICK.)

On 21OCt I went into their ads again to check their review & found out that they have offer a Group sales and delivery will only be available after 4NOV. (No stock still can have promotion - my point of view. Just thinking....)

While waiting anxiously for my items to arrive, at the same time purchase other item from other seller in Qoo10.sg. (Fyi - all items brought from other seller had arrived on time. Just left only COZYPICK item has yet to arrive.)

31OCT2013 - Receive acknowledgement from Qoo10 that Cozypick finally deliver the item.. So Excited & happily waiting - its a thursday so I assume my item will arrive on the following week lastest by tue/wed. & on the 5NOV - I received a qoo10 alarm mention that e item should arrive at my doorstep soon.

Waiting anxiously & keep running to my mailbox, 6Nov night I received an SMS from Seller Staff mention that they have click wrongly on the sent item - the item will only be send after 14NOV.

OMG!!! MY heart sink with disappointment. - NOT AGAIN? Why is it delay....?? I mention I'm so disappointed with their service... why they can accidentally press on the wrong button ???

Guess what the staff reply - REQUEST CANCEL ORDER IF I CAN'T WAIT.

....................... I'm so furious with the answer that they reply - I reply back saying why shall I request cancel the order since It is not my fault?

Reply was - IS UP TO ME!!!!
(OH NO!! FIRE WAS BURNING HOT NOW) - I ask what does it mean by UP TO ME ?????????

Reply - This is e packing department only - kindly email to BOSSES & will help me.

Alot of ???? in me now & was fury on the way they handle things.

So I email BOSSES AGAIN TO Tell the whole story again. (Waited for TWO days & finally got a reply from BOSS)
"Do u mind to cut ur story short n Let me know what can I help u?"

My mind was - FINE, is this the way they handle their CLIENT.......??????

I went in to see their review - found out that some of their other client have receive orders on e window period that they mention OUT OF STOCK.. So irritated with it - why am I the only person who nvr receive ???
I also found out on their review that minority had this problem too. TOO LONG in receiving stocks. Do they Choose consumer ? why some order they can process fast & why some cannot ?

I'm still waiting for my item to arrive now.
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Old 21-02-2014, 11:55 PM   #69
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Thumbs down Bought item from Qoo10 but not delivered

I ordered a kitchen tool from 半島WTO.
Item not delivered at all but tracking status is "Delivered"!
Qoo10 shoppers beware of poor and non-delivery service.
Omigo or Rakuten maybe a better alternative online shops.
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Old 22-02-2014, 12:00 AM   #70
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same lolr i hoot stuff from qoo i never recieve contact seller he/she never reply
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Old 22-02-2014, 12:03 AM   #71
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If seller is sinkie very fast refund one...if seller is Korean Hoseh liao...qoo10 always help koreans
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Old 22-02-2014, 12:07 AM   #72
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i ordered some stuffs from there too and the seller didn't ship my stuffs over, everytime i msg to ask them, they will come up with excuse say oh the shipment rebound blah blah then will ship again, after a few months, they close shop byebye. eat my money up, not alot thou only $20+ but really is knn korean owner btw.
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Old 22-02-2014, 12:08 AM   #73
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Some of the stuff sold in Qoo10 is really cheap.. although some may not be authentic/original goods for eg. Nike shoes.. so have to look thru customer reviews to see if product/svc is good.
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Old 22-02-2014, 12:18 AM   #74
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My experience with the Qoo customer support is petty good, I had a few cases with different sellers (local and overseas) and trying to resolve the issues with the sellers can vomit blood.

In all cases, I escalated to Qoo customer support and the issues resolved.

Case 1: Seller shipped a defective item and insisted that I go down to his shop of exchange. Escalated to Qoo and got my $ refunded with Qoo covering the return shipment.

Case 2: Seller shipped a wrong item, promised to shipped the correct item but failed to provide any tracking code and crap load of excuses. Escalated to Qoo and the correct item shipped and delivered.

Case 3: Partial shipment with missing and incorrect items. Escalated to Qoo and gotten a partial refund.
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Old 22-02-2014, 12:23 AM   #75
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must look gt local seller or not is the safest if buy from these kinda sites
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