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  1. Phillippines has one of the most corrupt countries in the world
  2. Sunderland owner Ellis Short ready to give away club for free
  3. Who do you think jump into a swimming pool with an open umbrella?
  4. Fermat's Last Theorem
  5. bring home and jiak?
  6. Nice Canto songs
  7. Any1 ur colleague their qualification is low, but do work better den those.....
  8. Wow XiaoMi Huat liao
  9. oh~ warrior physique~
  10. Is is true " if " your GF all along stay in Condo ...
  11. Recommend jiu hu chio bus to follow on instagram???
  12. I am a malay edmwer, any other malay in this forum?
  13. Chew Eng Han should be acquitted
  14. 吳宗憲侯佩岑情歌對唱,眼神太迷人
  15. You’ve heard it here first. Pink Dot 10 is happening on 21st July!
  16. (GPGT) TGIF Jiak ah jiak~
  17. Lemon law in SG
  18. So scary happening in Bukit Bintang, KL - gangsters vs police
  19. I don't think my friend is Malay
  20. Dam EPIC today SG , society getting more exciting
  21. Ish there a home fridge that has -18℃ freezer?
  23. 潇洒走一回吧
  24. On SIA plane press the service button nobody came how ?
  25. Cheap supper
  26. how do pple detect initial stage of diabetes?
  27. Anyone use electronic ballast for circular lamp?
  28. gnd~
  29. why chiu all havent koon?
  30. let's do this on MRT/LRT
  31. I in aircon room also can smell burnt smell :(
  32. Anybody at East side smell burning smell?
  33. oh mai~ little red riding hood
  34. What does friyay vibes mean? See so many xmm IG use that hashtag..
  35. Issit cheque or check?
  36. Burnt smell in the air
  37. Anyone hears any distant thunders?
  38. How to say angkukueh in Chinese & English?
  39. Creative brings '3D' sound to headphones after US$100m R&D
  40. Is this scene taken at gardens by the bay?
  41. Our neighbour very threatening siol
  42. Hyundai’s Genesis beats Audi, BMW as top-rated brand for 2018 in the U.S.
  43. [GLGT] This girl make everyone go topless on the streets!
  44. How To Sexpose Someone’s
  45. NUS degree holders go take suss grad courses is consider xia suay or not?
  46. Can hear fireworks in Woodlands
  47. just now why i heard pple they talking abt their A-level results ah?
  48. My Ah Ma say 以前 pray T-Gong must setup table put 烧鸭烧猪.. angkukueh fruits etc..
  49. [初九拜天公] Which temple in Singapore can pray 天公? [狗年发发发]
  50. Limpeh si 369 eh!
  51. gvgt-which edmw unkle go steal underwear again :(
  52. what is the most disgusting thing you are willing to be paid to do?
  53. Anyone switch from IT to other fields?
  54. A degree is just a piece of cert
  55. wah now all those pray to amdk one kp ppl bai ti gong?
  56. Rozz zeh zeh goes solo travel
  57. My aunt burn incense in house until I cannot breathe
  58. No body here pray Tian Gong ????
  59. how to play ban luck and in between ah?
  60. If pregnant zha bor go jiak buffet... ish pay 1 person or 2 person fee?
  61. Inside The Children's ICU - very good series
  62. [GPGT]This thai bu kym?
  63. Chio jiuhu bu kym gpgt
  64. what are some good headphones with big soundstage
  65. taobao sexperts: what is the difference between these two?
  66. [POLL][GPGT] EDMW Andy Laus, will you swipe right this chio bu?
  67. People who disappeared in your life
  68. Tomorrow go where watch Chingay?
  69. <poll> is this considered wasting food
  70. PSA : Starhub free channel 112 showing WWF vintage Macho Man
  71. 初九拜天公. Who is 天公?
  72. Who watch Budget 2018 discussion now on CH 8
  73. [GPGT] Naomi Neo de Doggie ke ai ma?
  74. Fans of Bram stroker's Dracula, which part of the story is your most fav?
  75. gpgt - 50 years old kelly ann hu still so chio
  76. who jiak the boat noodles at jb komtar b4?
  77. [GVGT] If this Twmm bky, moi will chop!!
  78. [MALAYSIANS LIP LAI!] Successful ex-Malaysians overseas!
  79. [GPGT] Jiak with zeh zeh KYM?
  80. If you take MRT then opp sit one chiobu keep accidentally zaogeng how?
  81. Jus nao go eat with colleagues, all females say they dun mind bf\husband no car
  82. what is the rate if hire those survey companies to collect opinions for you?
  83. I find it triggering whenever I see the Facebook of my Primary 5 crush...
  84. Channel u 10pm showing korean version prison break
  85. Just came back from Chingay
  86. Amdk make beedio say SG wely sexpensive
  87. m1b and m6
  88. Anyone ever email or deal with MOF
  89. The mothership.sg is pro PAPaya ??
  90. How to earn 5% cpf ah?
  91. Do you all fap out of boredom?
  92. [GPGT] I just spend $738.27 in Qoo10...................
  93. How much do gym goer spent on food a day?
  94. Who has ancestors from Royals or high rank official roots?~
  95. Hypothetical situation- can gf say bf rape her & make police report?
  96. juz now encounter 1 escooter rider with high beam strobe lights
  97. 战斗哥
  98. pick 1st or 2nd before you come in
  99. is it possible for my pet puffer fish to become this size ?
  100. WIFI password at Funan
  101. Channel 8 drama the woman whom act as Doctor Loo is a taiwanese?
  102. u notice more n more people using kids as easy fast-pass to front of crowds?
  103. Envy people who are in high ranking positions
  104. How much ish considered cheap if buy these dishes from cai png stall?
  105. is it true if guy horny that time will let out saliva near the mouth?
  106. How to get rid of girl?
  107. Anyone got fetish of stockings
  108. [GPGT] Which edmwer is this
  109. is it true if girl horny that time will let out a scent near the neck area?
  110. If a girl sick and u take care of her, i tell u...cfm u score pts
  111. (GPGT) This pigu, chiu want use or not?
  112. How to get rid of girl?
  113. [GPGT] SMU XMM KYM?
  114. Fight breaks out at Adidas-Pharrell Williams shoe and apparel launch at Pacific Plaza
  115. I though mark lee buay gum with jack neo?even try 2 be director? But y he act in lxm?
  116. Guys presently I research to use humans brain on AI
  117. What do you think is an common name in Singapore?
  118. edmw which day got most siaolang come online ?
  119. I notice users with names starting with "apple" got problem one.
  120. Do you pang jio in the shower/swimming pool?
  121. now cai png one scope sotong is how much ?
  122. Anyone here has PTSD???
  123. just now saw news say malaysia release cryptocurrency
  124. At least 80% of Jap condos to ban minpaku..!!!
  125. Why sinkee still
  126. HK homes small small old old. Why they don't adopt HDB teknoloji ar?
  127. Pros and cons of HDB grant
  128. Condo really more superior than hdb?
  129. Anyone remember this song..
  130. I feel thirsty after eating Indian food. Indian food got put MSG?
  131. how will the housing market be in 10~15 years time ?
  132. Someone on mrt juz asked mi if dis train go to yishun
  133. Real life rabbit vs tortise race.
  134. Do you feel thirsty after jiaking maclorner?
  135. Tv propaganda tell u to bite bullet while garment take from u
  136. Why PAP and his dog Do good
  137. If PAP gets voted out in next GE then will still have GST hike or not ?
  138. Npgt ch 8 now got milf
  139. GVGT Something really wrong with her
  140. GPGT: good news for self declared president of Edmw's sgvideoman Teo
  141. 35 years old low income should take grant when buy resale hdb?
  142. is it true if the girl on period, bust size normally will up one cup?
  143. USA McDonald's Szechuan Sauce madness, why Singapore dont have one?
  144. Rui En left mediacorp liao ah?
  145. [Shaving] DIY aftershave splash KYM?
  146. do you tend to 多喵几眼 when got charbo nnp jiggle jiggle in public?
  147. Is it normal or not normal???
  148. Affordable and good steak
  149. do you tend to 多喵几眼 when got charbo show her longkang in public
  150. anybody play theme hospital before?
  151. Is it true that if got discount... food automatically taste nicer?
  152. (GVGT) 369 people take taxi can pay any fare they like?
  153. (GVGT) Moi colleague say this type of anime concerts only works in Japan
  154. Colleague’s kid turning a year old
  155. Pink raisin thread really make me paiseh sia
  156. Drivers say hey man we go all the way
  157. What do u think of the song faded?
  158. Is it just my feeling or are there more and more gay guys now?!
  159. [PSA] Please don't quote picture.
  160. [Serious] Who here when sing SAF song still will Lao Bak Sai Emo abit ?
  161. hong kong old actress lee ching uplorry
  162. if you go toilet and see this
  163. [GPGT] Indonesian Air Force just brought 11 Russian Su-35 fighters to pew pew SG's F-35s! :'(
  164. Is this sinkie MILF double standard?
  165. Siao Lang Uncle gives out Hell Money during CNY...GUESS WHERE
  166. Who wants to be a millionaire?
  167. [Breaking] Ex-NKF CEO Edmund Kwok, sacked in 2016 for 'personal indiscretion', let off by police
  168. anyone here take tongkat ali regularly?
  169. Is Ng Chee Meng's bid for 4th Prime Ministership over?
  170. Asp tay pua ling very sweet looking
  171. [BBC] Syria war: Children struggle to survive in Eastern Ghouta
  172. Is this sinkie girl double standard?
  173. So Ler Lim got go bai nian with his relatives?
  174. If you visit your AMDK friend...
  175. What was your first impression of the show '金刚战士'?
  176. Is Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle nice movie?
  177. Do you agree? For Johor to succeed...
  178. Edmwer come in help me,I need the 2 Chinese word
  179. [Ancestry] Who has ancestors from Kinmen/Taiwan?
  180. How much is car parking per month for HDB?
  181. ~~ 2018 Chingay Parade Singapore ~~ LIVE
  182. say 戰士 will get tesco card points anot?
  183. This warrior army shorts where can buy?
  184. Original & Cover version
  185. [GPGT] moi humble don lunch ~ 🍲
  186. Just stepped out of the bus and saw 3 e scooter zoom past me...
  187. Experts, those stories at bicycle forum are real or fake..?
  188. To the Warrior just now shout at people trying to chiong in MRT while he alighting
  189. How come I go office. Always feel like throat itchy.
  190. Dark84, you dare to fight MMA if Steven Lim jio you?!
  191. Life sentence as retirement plan...
  192. Emporium open till what time?
  193. The chicken chop at abc Market wild wild west really tok Kong.
  194. This Cloverleaf definitely will become superstar.
  196. how much a month to retire in Canton ?
  197. When u have important thing in 1-2 days like exam, interview, meeting, do u sti piak?
  198. [GPGT] Who watch this moobie riao?
  199. Ho say liaofast hand fast leg.pink nehji appear
  200. Got someone posting pink nipples in random threads. Pls be careful in public.
  201. GPGT Wanyin Kym?
  202. 70k can get 2 room BTO...
  203. This is what might happen to China's OBOR Projects too....
  204. Is there rule of law in asean
  205. GPGT My SG Nurse
  206. Is it mandatory to hire security officers for Office Buildings, Retail Mall, Industrial Buildings &
  207. This warrior pants where can buy?
  208. Singapore is actually slipping down the Corruption Index - we are 6th, used to be in top 3
  209. [glgt]Time to grow beards to look more attractive!!!
  210. GPGT M'sia Gal
  211. I just visitted one of those Family Service Centres & chatted with a counsellor for 1 hour..
  212. (link got video) is this saga reported on EDMW
  213. Knn..see this btss at gym. When a girl left the bench, he faster go sit down and..
  214. GPGT My BeiBei
  215. GPGT kym?
  216. Who here replace white rice with brown rice?
  217. [PSA] Dont Spread Rumours
  218. Damn nice TGIF from SCDF
  219. Prawn featuring lickitung guy, consider suay or lucky?
  220. Who saw today afternoon at bishan junction got one power accident, the front part of
  221. America need the right to own guns and Singapore doesn't.
  222. SBS huat har
  223. China girl say 非诚勿扰 means what?
  224. Anyone here willing to bail out fisherman chew IF he is granted bail
  225. jap dua ki
  226. Another 8 Gals Collection
  227. Who saw today afternoon NUS junction got one power accident, the whole front part of
  228. This weekend got Creative Warehouse Sale in Jurong?~
  229. Will Creative be at IT show next month?
  230. NK more food then SK? NK cheerleaders tall tall bah bah big big size one
  231. [GPGT] moi humble curry ramen dinner ~ 🍲
  232. Why Japan abalones not smelly like some country's?
  233. Now bus travel too fast, will stop at bus stop to wait?
  234. air armpits kym?
  235. amb choose deh kor for amdk to wear
  236. Do PAP IB live in denial or are they so clever that
  237. How bad is food wastage in ur house?
  238. A Level paper stolen!
  239. all rifle range should replace figure 11 with this
  240. Pang sai 3 times today feel like king...
  241. Creative chiong 130.4% in 1 day, close at $2.88! GXGX, huat arh!
  242. GVGT Stupid Dangerous Driver
  243. Law Sexperts lip lai discuss... Standard Chartered Robbery...
  244. A-Level H2 Chemistry takers ... HUAT AH~!!!
  245. GVGT Star Wars Fight in Public
  246. Shopback recruiting CSO!
  247. [GVGT] Drunk man dont pay taxi driver
  248. [GPGT] How cum EDMW use up so much of memory ! Dr Bee Jay please sexplain is it because of hacker ?
  249. When u walking out of plane, stewardess say "Thankyou bye bye". How to answer back correctly ar?
  250. Poly grads can rejoice