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  1. Upgrading rest rooms, do I need ID or contractor?
  2. How to make my room smell like CapitaGreen?
  3. Changing of down lighting
  4. What do you do with your old furniture
  5. any contacts for full length wall mirror?
  6. Where to buy shoe cabinet with lock
  7. Window Film - meters used to test performance
  8. Panasonic Aircon?
  9. Dining table with drawers for 6 or 8 people
  10. Leaking concealed water pipe.
  11. Is it advisable to use iphone X in JB
  12. dish holder glass window piston
  13. Don't ever use Ace International Movers TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE
  14. Recommendations for Quilt
  15. Do you think the backsplash compliment the kitchen cabinet?
  16. What paint to use for HDB gate and door?
  17. Scattered on Gaincity purchase taken back by them...
  18. Toaster recommendation
  19. Anyone know where can i get 180cm x 200cm mattress?
  20. Htl sofa review
  21. Any lobangs for Roller blinds (Sun-out types) plus installation?
  22. Aircon pelmet
  23. Recommend contractor to pull fibre optics from common corridor to utility room
  24. Tip for removing fingerprints off new stainless steel hood, hob and kitchen cabiet
  25. Need help understanding my home wiring
  26. Need help understanding my home wiring
  27. Painting Sealant
  28. double decker bed for kids
  29. will hacking shower kerb affect existing toilet floor tiles?
  30. Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds
  31. The Tapestry CDL at Tampines Avenue 10
  32. Where to look for contractors?
  33. [Washing Machine]Beko or Panasonic
  34. Any Good Fengshui master to recommend
  35. Dehumidifier for bedroom
  36. Aircon Filter issue
  37. powerpac air fryer
  38. Clothes dryer
  39. Need lobang on sliding door for kitchen and shower screen
  40. Bath room door recommendation
  41. where can get this kind of toilet door
  42. Brandt or Fujioh Hood?
  43. Recommendations for purchasing TV console, Dining table and coffee table in JB
  44. Where to get water resistant wood doors?
  45. Yontat Doors Group Buy
  46. Where can I buy queen size + 45 cm or longer bed sheet?
  47. Floor tiles 'explode' at HDB flats across multiple locations in Singapore
  48. Aeratron Fans - Feedback and current price
  49. Good experience with Cold Engine
  50. Birds problem at air con ledge
  51. SoundProof Room
  52. Nook & Cranny: VERY CRAPPY bed installation
  53. Looking for electricity meter to monitor aircon electrical consumption per room
  54. Experts, need help here
  55. Bathroom door frame replacement, recommend contractors
  56. Laminate on Door Peeling
  57. Ornamental gift for housewarming
  58. Electrical laundry system
  59. Dehumidifier - Recommendations
  60. Repair works on kitchen sink
  61. WTS IKEA KARLSTAD Sofa / IKEA BJURSTA Extendable Dining Table
  62. Which digital display timer for aircon is the best?
  63. LED Recessed Ceiling Light to replace Recessed CFL
  64. 3-4 months before moving into Crib
  65. [AMA & Tips] On renovation when looking for ID
  66. Toilet bowls
  67. TIMBER skirting Varnishing cleaning etc
  68. Electrical works
  69. 3d drawing for Interior design, ID or DIY?
  70. Price of carpentry works
  72. RCCB tripping
  73. Condo and HDB renovations
  74. Any reviews of City Gas clithes dryer
  75. What Gas Hood is the best?
  76. Dishonest Renovation Contractor
  77. which type of washing agent can easily remove sticky marks?
  78. Nim Collection
  79. Repair services
  80. Mattress - which disruptive newcomer brand?
  81. Qn: Area With Largest Selection of Bathtubs
  82. Aircon noise when start up, got recommendation for troubleshooting?
  83. Hachi Sink
  84. Contractor for very minor renovation work
  85. re-laminate existing wardrobe door
  86. Varnish Timber Skirting HDB
  87. Water re-piping
  88. Fanco Fan with Wall Regulator only
  89. plan to DIY Wallpaper
  90. Change HDB main wooden fire rated door - Any contractor to recommend?
  91. mould removal services
  92. Aircon kept spoiling?
  93. Scratches on laminate/formica
  94. Wtb: Panasonic FM15GW Ceiling Fan Install Today
  95. [WIN!] Take control of your home’s air quality with the new Philips Series 3000i
  96. Changing new lighting set
  97. Outdoor blind tracking system
  98. WTS BNIB Hitachi Vacuum Machine CV-BM16 green
  99. Europace Aircon experience
  100. Rough-in of the toilet for 4 room hdb bto
  101. Timer of storage heater
  102. HDB Bomb Shelter Query
  103. Need help with name of product!
  104. Recommendation for custom made dining bench and chair
  105. Soft close toilet bowl hinge replacement
  106. kitchen solid surface replacement
  107. Washer dryer recommendation
  108. Simon Lighting
  109. Long computer desk with storage cabinets/drawers
  110. Kraus Sink Suitability for 600mm Kitchen Cabinet
  111. Avoid Designer Allan Chee - 3D Innovations
  112. Digital lock thread.
  113. Quick Question on Renovation
  114. Track lights
  115. Questions about carpentry
  116. Post Renovation Cleaning
  117. Suggestions for HDB BTO Main Door Slope/Curb
  118. Parc Botannia
  119. JB Storage Bed and Wardrobes
  120. window repair
  121. Beko appliances
  122. Cheapest water closet?
  123. [Washing Machine] Panasonic vs Samsung
  124. Recommendation for Mattress Cleaner
  125. Franco Acon ceiling fan good?
  126. PO ECO DC Ceiling Fan
  127. SIC Bathroom package
  128. $22 Only! Change of LED Downlights include installation service
  129. Split air con replacement
  130. BOSCH Washing Machine Door Stuck
  131. Water storage heater
  132. Convert RJ11 to RJ45 LAN point or Add LAN point?
  133. Worth buying a chair online?
  134. Timber shutters
  135. Anyone using Schneider Electric Switches
  136. DIY tiling
  137. Built-in Oven: Catalytic vs Pyrolytic
  138. Pu Hua Paint
  139. Selling brand new Turbo hob and hood
  140. need advice on renovation quote
  141. Electrical Work
  142. Installation of celing lights and reinstall window cabinets
  143. Has anyone used CaseTrust renovation contractors?
  144. Brand new turbo hob and hood package
  145. Carpentry for customize and built in wardrobe
  146. Korean roller blind
  147. Window limiters
  148. Install digital lock
  149. Any idea where to get free furniture?
  150. Window contractor
  151. any lobang for kitchen cabinet
  152. LPG cylinder n stove disposal
  153. Safe box
  154. Induction stove
  155. Looking for contractor contacts
  156. Anyone using Citygas instant gas water heater?
  157. Z-Wave switches for ceiling fans - question
  158. kitchen cabinet then gas pipe?
  159. Renovation - when should I sign up for internet?
  160. Self Adhesive Vinyl Tiles - Where to buy?
  161. Cabinet size for electric built-in oven
  162. hitachi light bulb made in japan
  163. Ceiling fan
  164. Washing machine Inlet to main tap question
  165. Where can I buy Dyson V8 with good price?
  166. Ceiling Fan Balancing Services
  167. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 ( 2 in 1 sweeping and mopping function )
  168. Very fishy experience with this ID
  169. Textured Wall Painting (Help)
  170. DIY reno - sequence of work
  171. Electrician / Plumber / Fixing of TaoBao Furniture / Ceiling Fan Installer
  172. handyman contact?
  173. Help needed (Electrical)
  174. Need help! Soundproofing home theatre
  175. Wall for new BTO
  176. Remote control for lighting
  177. House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Office Cleaning for you. Reasonable prices.
  178. where to sell 2nd hand bed mattress+bedframe
  179. Help needed! Size of kitchen
  180. 1 light with 2 separate wall switches possible?
  181. Any robot vacuum cleaner to recommend?
  182. (Help needed) induction hob from Taobao
  183. Customized table top for study room
  186. Cheapest IOT solution from Taobao?
  187. Plumbing works - things to take note of
  188. Any digital locks for recommendations?
  189. HELP! Where to keep your purchases while renovating?
  191. Casement aircon for bto flat
  192. Homeowners, Get Yourself Protected From Losing Money on Home Renovation!
  193. Urgent: Hot water at kitchen sink tap
  194. DIY: Hacking off fridge base and lay vinyl
  195. Mitsubishi Aircon Bad Service
  196. homogeneous tiles polish
  197. Anyone uses Ikea EKTORP sofas?
  198. What to do with flooded household appliances?
  199. Grout Shield Vs Davco
  200. Sofa - which brand / types most lasting below $3000
  201. pegboards or alternative?
  202. Changing HDB kitchen 13A socket to 15A
  203. This kind of toilet door outside sell how much huh?
  204. Renovation Question -Kerb hacking need PE approval?
  205. LG Roboking stops suddenly
  206. replacing solid surface
  207. Contractor for light renovation/touch up/painting
  208. HDB HIP
  209. Dont buy EF brand Hood (casa pte ltd)
  210. May I check if this is generally a cheap quote?
  211. Instant shower water heater
  212. Looking for contractor
  213. Anyone got DIY magnetic wall using magnetic paint?
  214. Do u all think this is expensive quote ?
  215. Air conditioning - Any recommendations please?? - Part 2
  216. Toilet bowl query
  217. Best Price In Town-Aluminium Windows/Grilles,Wrought Iron Gates & Tempered Glass
  218. Be cautious in buying aircon deals from Groupon (a.k.a Fave) Techbyte
  219. Book lice problems
  220. how to secure curtain track
  221. Total cost renovation for 3 room flat
  222. USB wall Plate
  223. How to construct shower kerb after new tiles are laid
  224. Look for electrician for installation of lights & ceiling fan
  225. queen size storage bed
  226. Concrete Stain flooring
  227. Humidifier
  228. Rewiring needed for 4rm flat
  229. [Solution needed] for drilled hole gap after installing digital lock
  230. Balcony
  231. Hobs and Hood
  232. Reviews on Audiohouse?
  233. High ceiling
  234. How to soundproof an office room
  235. touch up paint of carpentry joint
  236. Any recommendations for fengshui house audit?
  237. WTB . 2nd hand ikea hemnes desk.
  238. Unimax Creative @ Balestier Road
  239. Singapore’s Premium Curtains and Blinds Supplier
  240. Those Piano school door
  241. Best place to buy electrical appliances
  242. Cement Screed not even. Need help.
  243. Bathroom cabinet from Taobao
  244. Air con recommendation please.
  245. JB furniture shop recommndation
  246. Where to buy door handle
  247. Drilling of Ceiling
  248. Convert WC to Storage Space
  249. Ceiling Fan - what size for HDB bedroom?
  250. Unity Room for RENT at $450 / month in Whampoa with air-con (off Balestier)