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  1. Experience with Singtel structured cabling contractors?
  2. Xiaomi Router 3 - Slow speed issues - any found a fix?
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  4. Do you use a seedbox?
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  6. MR halo ac2200 router or Asus ac68?
  7. singlet email suddenly not working?
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  10. M1 give Asus AC1200g+ router for the 1gbps fibre plan.
  11. Best Router Antenna Position?
  12. Shocked with Changing ISP for Fibre Today
  13. Viewqwest Onevoice - Not if your life or business depends on it
  14. M1 Fibre Inaccessible Sites
  15. Turn off routers' LED
  16. Understanding speed test
  17. NetLink Trust hit by $150,000 fine for failure to deliver orders on time, its sixth in five years
  18. working Singtel Vlan Settings with TPLink SG108E
  19. TP-Link Archer C9
  20. Which Fiber ISP is the fastest?
  21. Replacing SingTel wifi gigabit ac1900 elite routers with new router or with mesh?
  22. Starhub Free upgrade for 200Mbps to 500Mbps
  23. Singtel Broadband Protect Useful?
  24. singtel 1gbps speedtest problem?
  25. {Help please] Planning and setting up of new home network - Linksys Velop based
  26. Lead Time to terminate SH Fibre?
  27. Replace missing TP - Go through ISP or liaise with NLT direct?
  28. What is ONT installation?
  29. New to fibre need some help thanks
  30. Pls recommend me an ISP - 8 yr old flat
  31. Noob question on setup
  32. Server Rack Retailers
  33. M1 provided Huawei modem for fibre plan
  34. Where can check about the Fibre speed connect to specific website?
  35. Singtel fibre with non-Singtel issued router
  36. Need advise on home networking
  37. ViewQwest Zhone 2426 GPONT
  38. Need Advice on home networking for new BTO 4-room flat
  39. Non-Starhub issue Router
  40. Singtel Tampines Fibre problem
  41. Just gotten keys to my bto
  42. Changing Routers
  43. Cheapest broadband
  44. Just gotten keys to my bto
  45. myrepublic static ip, reverse dns
  46. Which fiber isps can use own Router?
  47. Any starhub Subscriber used both EA7500 & google wifi?
  48. Just got a Starhub 1GBPS. What next?
  49. People with 2Gbps and above internet why?
  50. thunder
  51. Google Wifi with Singtel TV?
  52. How to get dynamic IP on Singtel Fibre?
  53. Optical point blanking cap
  54. Fiber 1 Gbps plans can hit full speed
  55. Any Starhub users used this service before?
  56. how to setup home network?
  57. Singtel Fibre 300mbps. Problems with speedtest.
  58. Can I connect a router and a computer to a ONT via a switch?
  59. Jump ship from SingTel to M1
  60. Asus Lyra max speed is 867Mbps - is it worth to use it for 1Gbps plan?
  61. Poor Customer Helpdesk From ViewQwest
  62. speed test download speed problem
  63. Digital voice , ATA and asterisk/3cx
  64. M1 1Gbps plan is expiring soon, should I switch to another telco?
  65. Anyone Built A DIY Router Before?
  66. HP Enterprise MSR930 Router
  67. Viewqwest Horrible Service!
  68. Multiple submatine cable cuts around SEA
  69. Finding a WiFi Mesh System
  70. Changing telcos - what to expect and prepare?
  71. Google wifi with starhub
  72. Activation of 2nd port need to take so long?
  73. m1 old 1 mbps plan
  74. Is it possible to replace ONT with EdgeRouter-X-SFP?
  75. M1 1G Fibre vs Starhub 1G fibre
  76. Singtel provide ONR or ONT?
  77. Singtel ONR and CCTV issue
  78. Can Singtel ONR be used with other Broadband providers?
  79. Possible to watch Netflix HD on 200Mbps Cable Broadband ?
  80. Can Singtel ONR do a VPN?
  81. what is the length of Fibre Patch Cord given?
  82. SingTel Fibre - Port Forwarding / DynDNS Behind Optical Network Terminal
  83. Any tools to monitor ISP internet connection performance?
  84. Linksys EA7500 by starhub
  85. Gaming plans vs non-gaming - worth it?
  87. where to install open net
  88. Home Networking Advice
  89. Cancellation of fibre
  90. THINK TWICE if you wish to sign up for VIEWQWEST broadband
  91. VLAN on WRT1900AC ver 2 with OpenWRT firmware
  92. Starhub fibre no connection..seeking advice
  93. MyRepublic Customers Come In>>> $40 Credits for You and Me
  94. M1 or MyRepublic 1Gbps Fibre Broadband
  95. Wired Direct to VQ Zhone - Windows Firewall needed ?
  96. Viewqwest Fibre Internet disconnection fees after 24 Months contract
  97. Home network setup help
  98. [Question] ASUS RT-AC56S
  99. Help Needed!! Fax issues on Singtel Fibre Digital Line
  100. Need Help on Singtel ONR + Asus-AC88U & MioTV
  101. Starhub Dlink 850L Router
  102. Need traceroutes from M1 or VQ subber
  103. ISDN vs SIP vs Analog telephone line?
  104. New Singtel 1Gb Sub Observations
  105. ISP with low ping in games when someone watching video
  106. Lan port splitter
  107. [Question] Procedures to port from Starhub to M1
  108. Is the D-Link DIR-868L given by StarHub unlocked?
  109. Moving to AMK BTO and thinking of going Singtel or M1 1GB Fibre
  110. Singtel
  111. mesh or more powerful router?
  112. M1 Asus router unable to detect isp dhcp
  113. Pro advise needed for my RIGHT ISP
  114. Intending to change isp, but which one?
  115. Starhub cable modem 200Mbps 12 months contract monthly S$29.90 is good?
  116. [Urgent] Contractor damaged my ONT
  117. Need networking advice (cabling for old HDB)
  118. CW1308 4 pairs Twisted
  119. FIFA FUT Champions and SingTel
  120. Wu Hua BOH?
  121. Use of same Router SSID and Password
  123. Changed to m1 and TV box won't load!
  124. Fibre cut at Jurong West
  125. help with wifi issue
  126. Openet fiber termination point and router in bombshleter
  127. Singtel(ST) or MyRepublic(MR) Fibre Broadband for new BTO
  128. Most recommended WiFi Mesh to expand WiFi coverage?
  129. Cabling question
  130. Rogue contractors of sole network builder Netlink Trust (NLT) to pay a fee to speed up installation
  131. What can I do with my ONT
  132. Singnet termination process takes 7 days and we continue to pay for 7 days more
  133. HDB Aspella convert telephone line to data line
  134. Dlink DIR-868L on Singnet fibre
  135. Any Diff between dlink DIR-850L and DIR-868L? My starhub contract.
  136. Which one to subscribe ?
  137. My CS:GO suddenly LAG, ping 200++
  138. PSA: Singtel TV and Fibre Broadband DO NOT share the same recontract date
  139. Please rec me a good router RT-AC55U
  140. More than 2 fibre cable ISP ?
  141. Use Singtel Aztech Router as Access Point?
  142. [CONFUSED] setting up ISP and Unifi AC Pro
  143. D Link- AC1200 wifi extended
  144. setting up aztech router as wireless repeater
  145. Clarification on access point
  146. [ADVICE] Conversion of telephone rj11 to data point rj45
  148. so many models
  149. Sea Horizon (EC) ethernet point question
  150. Singtel Fibre + Netlink Questions
  151. Need router reboot to get back fibre speed.
  152. SingTel tv running on Fiber still need digital homeline?
  153. which broadband to choose ?
  154. Any Promotions for Singtel Fiber?
  155. Can have 2 fibre plans at the same time?
  156. unreliable powerplug
  157. Utilising Singtel 500mbps/RT-N66U
  158. New fibre user - need help on bridging routers
  159. Is the Orbi Good?
  160. Where to check/download the latest version of Singtel WiFi Gigabit Router AC 1900's firmware?
  161. Fastest Fiber Broadband
  162. Fibre 2nd port activation delay for more than 1/2 a year!
  163. Singtel Fibre price plan after contract expiry?
  164. VPN for Tudou
  165. looking for best deal for m1 fibre + phone
  166. No internet connection on airties 4920?
  167. Anyone here using Netgear Orbi, please share your experience here
  168. Viewqwest 2Gbps vs MyRepublic Gamer 1 + 1 Gbps
  169. DDWRT on Singtel
  170. Singtel wifi
  171. Tips for switching to new fibre ISP
  172. [M1 Fiber] Changing from Asus RT-N56U to Netgear AC1900
  173. Singtel broadband stable?
  174. TPG the new Telco Discussion
  175. Kindly recommend the best Fiber ISP in Singapore
  176. Question on starhub IPTV connection?
  177. Is singtel mio home down?
  178. No more problems with miotv
  179. Singtel ALU Ont Qns
  180. M1 Gamepro feedback: is it really low latency?
  181. Need Help: TP-Link TLPA8030P Kit (Homeplug)
  182. Extending Wireless Range advise needed
  183. Is it possible to use Singtel Digital Telephone Service with the traditional phone (copper) lines?
  184. ISP recommendations for PS4 Online Gaming
  185. HDB flat - can subscribe to business fibre ?
  186. Download test with viewqwest
  187. Singtel is Blocking Port Forwarding from International.
  188. Singtel tech. come install ONT but found no signal from TP
  189. Any SITEX promos next week?
  190. House Router Setup
  191. Need help in setup with the routers i had
  192. Starhub, DDos, lag spikes warts & all
  193. Alternative contractors to set up Fibre Termination Point
  194. Which ISP with the best speed? (Pingtest)
  195. WhizComms, new Fibre Broadband provider
  196. Which provider offer best Fiber experience?
  197. Those who still on Singtel ADSL, does your connection keep on getting DC?
  198. [renfred89's Review] TPLink Archer C5400
  199. M1 fibre plan expiring next week
  200. A quick check on SINGTEL Fibre outage in Hougang ?
  201. VQ users…
  202. Home Fibre Decision. M1, VQ or MR?
  203. Digital Home Line loopback
  204. Question: How to get dual band wireless?
  205. can't change admin password of singtel router? FG7009GR
  206. Does Singtel Home Digital Line has Caller ID? Is it free?
  207. Advise for Setup Ubiquiti Unifi for 4-room BTO
  208. For Gaming - Which ISP?
  209. Hardware for new BTO flat network
  210. Pls advice on 1gb mdata and iphone data 3gb! I am confused!
  211. M1 ont/modem broke down
  212. ViewQwest Fiber Broadband Official Thread - Part 5
  213. Singtel FG7003GR(AC) Router Admin
  214. Starhub high latency to USA servers
  215. Double fiber line
  216. Starhub Installation & Downtime - Seek Review
  217. What's is the length of optic fibre cable provided when install of ONT to TP by the Telco agent?
  218. Problem with starhub internet now?
  219. Relocating fibre termination point
  220. Changing ISP - Enough time for IT Show
  221. Recontracting for Fibre. Which provider is the best?
  222. [Fibre Broadband] Anyone can help with moving of terminal?
  223. Need some help on SingTel Aztech DSL8800GR(S)
  224. Dual Router Question
  225. anyone got rental for wifi mesh/ installation of 2nd data point by singtel waive off before?
  226. What are the bridging options available?
  227. TP-Link Homeplug
  228. Replace fibre cable connector
  229. Singtel Aztech Router FG7003GRV
  230. Poll on the which M1 plan you're on
  231. Help Needed: Cheapest Fiber Broadband Plan available without contract
  232. Static IP for StarHub Fibre Broadband?
  233. Time duration for fibre upgrade
  234. HBO Now & VPN
  235. Starhub 1Gbps Fibre Review
  236. Asus AC68u and AC87U with Singtel TV
  237. M1 Fixed Voice SIP access
  238. DNS server not responding?
  239. Home broadband six month contract
  240. Unable to connect Ethernet to PC :(
  241. Singtel fibre relocation charges
  242. set up 2 routers connected to same SingTel ONT
  243. Network Setup Help
  244. New home router setup possible??
  245. [Broadband experts pls help] Starhub dual broadband
  246. Which category RJ45 cable for HDB?
  247. Singtel 300mbps
  248. Third fibre point
  249. Homeline Questions
  250. Router setup help