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  1. good overseas web hosts to recommend?
  2. Better router = faster wifi speed?
  3. 4G speed... Singapore is...!!??
  4. Do local telcos throttle internet speeds once contract is up?
  5. Singtel ONR AP Issues
  6. Experience with Singtel structured cabling contractors?
  7. Difference on router bridge and sccess point
  8. Recommend me a router
  9. WiFi Router Suggestions
  10. RT-87u Router - Think it is dying
  11. intel wireless-ac 9260
  12. 2 iPhones at home but why is 1 slower than the other?
  13. Problems with newly contracted Starhub 1Gbps Fibre Broadband
  14. Is Synology still the best?
  15. DECT phone question
  16. Singtel fibre 300mbps dl speed test capped @ 2.6 upload @ 200
  17. ASUS BRT-AC828 good?
  18. Recommend 5GHZ Router (Prefer 8 ports if there is) to replace Asus AC88U
  19. Wireless hardware issue.
  20. Need help with wi-fi
  21. wifi card work on all notebook?
  22. Starhub internet down?
  23. Optical Network Terminal (ONT) vs Optical Netork Router (ONR). What's the difference?
  24. Linksys EA7500v2 Wireless Router
  25. Advise for IPcam network component
  26. Recommend setup for 5 room apartment
  27. Whatsapp in China works for iOS but not on Android
  28. Google mesh with Asus router?
  29. Always No wifi in toilet and kitchen
  30. Considering switching over to Starhub from Singtel - Need advice
  32. Orbi AP mode
  33. Wifi router for hdb jumbo flat
  34. Aimesh query
  35. What Happen To My D-Link NAS 323
  36. Does your internet Throttle during Peak Period.
  37. ViewQwest Users (and WoW Gamers): Email them to fix latency
  38. Recommendation needed, which Asus network routers to buy
  39. [Giveaway] How will ASUS AiMesh benefit you?
  40. Transfer of singtel analogue home line ... advice needed
  41. Google Wifi
  42. F-Secure Freedome
  43. Pls HELP Singtel HG8244H - 2.4ghz settings
  44. Problems Trying to Mirror
  45. Wiring up my resale 5RM HDB, to go for linksys velop or APs?
  46. Please Advise: Huawei e5573S-320
  47. Starhub $19.90 100mbps internet not working
  48. Xiaomi Wifi Amplifier/Repeater issue
  49. Can't setup new router
  50. Moca Bonded 2.0
  51. Google Wifi Mesh System for Retail Outlets?
  52. Dlink Starhub firmware update
  53. Issue with ROG Rapture GT-AC5300
  54. 🔸️AmplifiHD - anyone used/set up help needed🔸️
  55. Asus n56u or ac1200?
  56. [HELP] Slow internet speed
  57. Linksys EA7500 Network
  58. Home network setup
  59. Share experience with Starhub
  60. Extending more Ethernet ports and Router Placement
  61. Router upgrade recommendation
  62. Wifi Lag Issues Singtel
  63. [News] You can now use multiple ASUS routers to create a mesh Wi-Fi network
  64. Asus Aimesh allows some existing user to create mesh.
  65. Easiest way to extend wifi @ HDB?
  66. Wifi Router with Parental Control
  67. Cheap, compact wireless AP recommendations
  68. Broken wire in LAN cable
  69. Network Switch
  70. EdgeRouter™ 4
  71. Optical Fibre Point Spoil
  72. Very poor SH fibre connection
  73. Philips Hue light / wireless smart light setup query
  74. Contract with Viewqwest ended. Recontract or or other ISP? 1 GB or 2 GB?
  75. Single LAN cable with Network trunk setup without loop back LAN wire to DB
  76. Connecting an ethernet switch to a router
  77. Restaurant network setup
  78. Need advise on setting up high speed networking 2 - 6 mac video editing workflow
  79. Creating Multiple Private Network sharing one Internet connection.
  80. can Wireless@SG really work?
  81. Linksys WRT32X Router - A new gaming champ?
  82. Help needed for home network setup
  83. Help needed on Samsung Connect Home
  84. Maxspeed of Wan port
  85. Is this doable under Singtel Broadband?
  86. Starhub 1G BB Plan.
  87. Pls recommend router
  88. Home plugs recommendation?
  89. Some questions about lan cables
  90. Issues accessing singtel fibre router
  91. Internet speed capped at 0.18mbps
  92. Router for Wifi extension in maisonette
  93. Set up DLink DIR868L as access point
  94. Asus PCE AC88 card connecting to Asus RT-AC68U?
  95. If there is a vendor providing help for home network & Wireless Audio, do you think it help you?
  96. Wi-Fi no internet
  97. Router with 802.11w support?
  98. ASUS Smart connect
  99. Enquiries on WiFi Mesh
  100. OpenVPN Gigabit speed
  101. Powerful Router to recomend me for my new home
  102. Home Networking Advice
  103. [Article] Deal Alert: The 12/12 Edition
  104. High latency: slow DNS servers or slow ASUS RT-AC88U Router?
  105. Need advice on home internet setup
  106. Confused between Linksys routers
  107. Which router to get
  108. Unable to conect to 5GHz Network
  109. StarHub fibre broadband
  110. Suggestions for wifi wireless adapter for PC
  111. [News] The Linksys EA9500S is an AC5300-class router on steroids
  112. Is 76.68Mbps D/L normal for a 1Gbps plan?
  113. lan based hdd dock
  114. Please recommend me a router
  115. M1 home BB down??
  116. Starhub Cisco DPC3925 + ASUS AC56U: Can ping, cannot traceroute
  117. M1 mobile data problem
  118. Linksys EA9300 router issues
  119. Help: Connected to wireless network but no internet access
  120. AC1200 AP review
  121. Singtel Mesher no internet
  122. question on Xiao Mi routers and Bridged/Guest mode.
  123. Help needed for home network connectivity issues
  124. How is the set up for Singtel Mesh like?
  125. TP-Link RE210 Repeater suddenly "forgot" the password
  126. Recommend a router
  127. Next-gen-80211ac-wifi-for-dummies
  128. Managed switch
  129. Router as a connector instead of wireless function
  130. Noob question on setting Asus Lyra with Singnet
  131. Advice for router
  132. Problem installing D-link DWA 192
  133. Asus RT-AC1200G+ and access point?
  134. Anyone use pi-hole?
  135. ASUS Routers!! buyer alert.
  136. PCE-AC68 card vs. RT-AC66U router
  137. Singtel TV and House Network - Need help on infrastructure
  138. Placing router in DB, probably ask many times, but need more clarification
  139. any one used Torguard vpn ? how is compared to Astrill ?
  140. Best broadband deal
  141. A noob question
  142. [News] Samsung launches its Connect Home Wi-Fi mesh networking system and smart home hub in Singapor
  143. Digital Box Enquiry
  144. Share your experiences in using TP-LINK Archer C60 AC 1350
  145. Router help
  146. Router recommendation for Singtel Fibre
  147. Unable to use Aztech DSL8800GR(S) ADSL2/2+ Router
  148. Circles.Life?
  149. [Article] A beginner's guide to mesh networking
  150. Suggestions for gaming wifi set up
  151. Changing of Telco
  152. Wise to take ISP bundled router option or buy own router?
  153. Starhub unlimited data on weekends
  154. need help - intermitten lag issues on internet
  155. Singtel Tampines Fibre problem
  156. How to extend WIFI in room
  157. RT-AC88U still one of best router to get?
  158. IP address change advice?
  159. WiFi Experiment Done By A Group Of 9th Grade Students Got Serious International Attention
  160. Super slow WiFi in big house
  161. Cheapest VPN deal Fall 2017
  162. Networking computers on the same LAN
  163. Contract ending, any advice?
  164. DNS ISSUE?!
  165. speedtest left 1 server?
  166. Smart switch question
  167. Need help for the IP problem.
  168. Singtel Mio TV with Netgear Orbi
  169. Need to QoS split bandwidth?
  170. WiFi clinic--Bring you a better wifi experience.
  171. TP-Link access point
  172. Recommend Wired Router or Switch from ONT
  173. BTO home networking help
  174. SIGN UP NOW to have a chance to experience Linksys WRT32X
  175. StarHub cable broadband painfully slow
  176. How to improve wi-fi connectivity for gaming console
  177. Singtel doing maintenance on Sat morning?
  178. New bto networking advice needed
  179. DNS server not responding
  180. NAS performance question
  181. Lay cable vs switch
  182. Dual Wan Router ?
  183. ASUS PCE-AC68: Enable dual band
  184. D-link DNS320 LAN not working
  185. [HELP] AP mode setup
  186. Router Questions
  187. [Article] HWZ Deal Alert: 20th October 2017
  188. Wifi, Motherboard, wireless adaptor
  189. Cat 6 vs Cat 7
  190. Singtel Fibre AC1900 problem
  191. KRACK Attack: Here Are KRACK Wi-Fi Security Fixes for all Devices
  192. connectivity issue when using torrent
  193. {Help} Router
  194. Help on moving around in house
  195. KRACK - Key Reinstallation AttaCK on WPA2
  196. CAT5e cable extender
  197. VPN 13801: IKE authentication credentials are unacceptable.
  198. how to upload image send via send link by sms
  199. Help Troubleshooting Office Network Traffic
  200. USB Wifi Adapter
  201. Temporary Internet Options
  202. Installation of Lan point for my room
  203. Sync phone data to network drive
  204. Gaming disconnects
  205. Home network without internet connection?
  206. Ont to switch
  207. Best/cheapest ISP
  208. Home Switches
  209. M1 throttle bittorrent?
  210. starhub inconsistent down?
  211. State of IPv6 in 2017
  212. how to port over home line when changing ISP?
  213. Devices only connecting to 2.4GHz using Google Wifi
  214. Setting up 2 routers at home
  215. Buy New Router Or Get Wireless AP.
  216. Using both Singtel and Starhub BB
  217. RT-AC87U: Anyone managed to resolve 5G band dropping?
  218. migrating to using 3rd party RT-AC1200G+
  219. My internet is so inconsistent lately
  220. Anyone on M1 gaming plan? Can help to do ping to this IP address?
  221. Need help with Singtel 1G fiber plan (poor services and poor performance from Singtel)
  222. [Review] Google Wifi: Mesh networking made easy
  223. Very slow speed on 1gbps plan
  224. Cisco RV320 with Singtel Fiber plan
  225. Singtel Mesh with NAS
  226. M1 unlimited data $98 per month
  227. Singtel 1Gbps fiber vs. ViewQwest 1Gbps fiber
  228. [Review] - Linksys EA9300 AC4000 Triband MU-MIMO Wireless Router
  229. Cat 6A vs Cat 7 LAN Cable
  230. [HELP] BTO Starhub Fibre Connection
  231. Fiber extender?
  232. RT-AC1200g+ disconnection issues
  233. any1 success with WoWLAN?
  234. Laying Network (Cat5e) Cables
  235. [Review] Portal Wi-Fi review: Don't be fooled by its looks, this little router rocks!
  236. [News] D-Link DIR-800 series routers found to have zero-day flaws
  237. Starhub Free Upgrade to 500M [Fishy]
  238. entry level NAS recommendation
  239. Most value for money 1GB Fibre Broadband
  240. Using both ports 1 and 2 of FTP for same ISP?
  241. Help! Singtel Ping Spikes
  242. [SingCERT] Advisory on Multiple Security Vulnerabilities Affecting D-Link DIR-800 Series
  243. [BEWARE] D-Link 850L: 10 D-Link zero-day router flaws
  244. Disappointed with Singtel.
  245. RT-AC1200g+ router setup connection issues
  246. D-Link COVR in Singapore
  247. Singtel Wifi Gigabit Router AC1900 (Arcadyan)
  248. Asus RT1200G vs AC68U
  249. MikroTik HEX (RB750Gr3) or EdgeRouter X/Lite
  250. Cheap router for Uni hall use?