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What is stackable Have to do 6(a) to (d) to get $200.
New to Bank (“NTB”) customers are eligible to receive one of two (2) categories of reward should they fulfill the
required Reward Conditions:
a) Start a Citi Priority relationship with new funds of minimum S$50,000 within 1 month of account opening.
b) Maintain a minimum of S$50,000 in your new Citi Priority account for a minimum period of six (6) months
from the date of deposit for the purpose of the Promotion, failing which Citibank reserves the right to debit
the value equivalent to the reward given to you, from any account that you maintain with Citibank.
c) Register for Electronic Banking Statements within 1 month of account opening and maintain the selection for
a minimum period of 2 months or until you receive the Citi Priority Welcome Reward.
d) Complete an Online Investment Risk Profile (IRP) on Citibank Online OR Total Wealth Fact Finder (TWFF) session with a Personal Banker within 1 month of account opening.
I don't have an existing priority banking relationship
Mine is consumer banking or no frills banking therefore I am new to bank customer

To be honest I do not have personal banker and all know about my relationship with citi are the annual fees n all kinds of fees
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