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today a citigold rm told me must increase the balance each month in order to increase by 0.1% bonus interest.

so if leave $10k untouched for 12 months is not enough to get 1.2% bonus?

lazy to keep having to remember to transfer money over each month
Go fk the RM?

The Counter increases by 1 each time the Bonus Interest Rate steps up. The Bonus Interest Rate steps up in a month if the lowest balance in that month is equal to or greater than the lowest balance in the preceding month. Bonus interest is computed based on the preceding month's lowest balance and number of calendar days in the preceding month. The lowest amount of funds in your MaxiGain account at any point in time in a month shall be the "lowest balance" of that month.
Anyway, like previous post mentioned, the interest credited would take care of "incremental" balances, if your RM insisted on that.
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