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are these results better than your previous product?
I've maxed out the speed of my 200Mbps plan with the 5GHz so I can't tell what the max limit really is but the range is better than previous AC3200 routers I've owned (both Asus AC3200 and D-Link 890L). Below are some screenshots which compare the signal with an AC68 (with tricked-out hggomes firmware; the stock Asus firmware will be weaker). It edged out the Ac68 marginally.

around 2m from routers, which are side-by-side in living room:

master bedroom (a kitchen and 2 bathrooms away)

(the last SSID at the bottom is a neighbour's so just disregard it).

The 2.4GHz is weaker than the 5GHz though, but nowadays I mostly use the 5GHz even for my mobiles.

I used manual settings for the channels because the auto mode seemed to set the 5GHz to channel 40. I prefer to use the upper channels for more power.
Temperature of the outer casing is just slightly warm (much cooler than asus ac3200).
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