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Do you think I should get this instead of AC5300? My plan is 1G Starhub. 5-rm hdb... household 5 adults, each holding min. 2 mobile devices. Only my son is into gaming... the rest into casual internet surfing / email checking / youtube / movies
Depends on how much you constantly use the 5GHz band, cos the extra 5GHz radio is the main difference. If you are constantly downloading/streaming with the 5GHz band on multiple devices, the tri-band AC5300 should help.

On a different note, I just found out recently that Kong (dd-wrt dev) now supports 885L and 890L with his R8000 builds so I've tried that out and so far so good. You still have to flash the initial build with a Brainslayer build and ddup is not supported for these models.
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