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Para level for NS still remain there.. I just with a level 1 NS char after deleting all.

About 2 months into season 5. I had completed most cube and collected all 24 sets (for set dungeon purpose). At least then 800 para. Think highest I seen is like 1800 or even 2k para now.
soon you will realise that the last 1% is always the hardest

i stuck with that ring for close to a month liao
and the name is very apt for me

Rue Chambers............. really rue

btw if i use youtube as a judge, alot of the high para dont necessarily cube
they go for effiency which means they do rifts fast and dont pick up mats

its actually stated in the forums that some of the timings of torment clears are basically ignoring all mats - quin69 also suggested that
What is art?

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