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To TME1977,

Can PM me for contact if required.
Hi Terumo,
I actually just came back from 2 AC seller places, need your advise for the below. (My flat is HDB's, 93 sqft, newly built).

1. Mitsubishi starmex, system 3, 5 Tick.
Seller and installer: Hong Tar (
Price: 3580 incl. all parts needed (class 0 cable, 16mm pvc pipe, G22 copper etc) and installation.

2. Daikin, system 3, 4 tick, 12K btu.
Seller and installer: passion air/exclusive daikin installer.
Price: 3400 incl. all parts needed (almost same parts as above no 1) and installation.

--Which one should I choose in terms of maintenance cost and electricity bill in the future? Eg. Repair cost, spareparts cost, etc.

--Do I select correct vendors? Passion air and Hong Tar.

Many thanks.
p.s. Now I found Ah boon/Aron (starcool) and Newway system as reference somewhere on the net. Waiting for their quote.
*Ah boon/Aron (starcool) takes longer time to respond, I wonder if in the future I need urgent post sales services ie. leakage.
*Newway system caters more to industrial/hospitality/education segment, so they suggest and install more Mistubishi Heavy AC, I fret the repair can only be done by few companies as it is not common for residential customer.

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