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Finally got myself the im02's as well! Comply foam seems to be working well for me so far (were on complys on my SE215). the free cable they gave HDC1is doesn't actually add to audio quality right?
AT-HDC1is is not an upgrade cable, it is just the default cable that comes with your IM02 model but additionally gives you remote controls/mic capability on top of it. Good for smartphone usage for making those voicecalls.

If you are looking for an upgrade cable option, can try the AT-HDC5 which is Audio-technica's official upgrade cable for the whole IM series line-up. I like it quite abit with the IM02 since I am using this model too, it certainly does wonders for female vocals as well but just take note they can be alittle sibilant in the upper-mids/lower treble on certain mainstream/badly-recorded studio tracks.

took the plunge, hooted it at the IT show today! I like it, more details and clearer on the vocal side but lose on bass. Unlike the "fun" factor that my SE215 gives me.

BTW anyone know if shure olives fit on im02? the silicon like not very good leh.
Regarding ATH-IM02 vs SE-215, the former's bass presentation certainly lies more on the linear/balanced side if you ask me, this is from my years of listening exp with studio-reference grade gears such as the CD900ST headphones as well as the EX800ST in-ears by Sony. SE-215's tonal presentation is more on the V-shaped side, thus giving you the idea that it is fun-sounding, but in terms of resolution detail and soundstage depth/width spaciousness, definitely does not hold a candle to the IM02's for sure.

On another note, V-shaped sounding iems are IMHO very common on the market these days, so I do not see any value in owning the SE-215's by Shures at all. If you are looking for something fun-sounding to complement those IM02's, I would suggest checking out Knowledge Zenith iems, or some of Zero Audio iems. A simple search via Head-fi should yield you with some further topic discussions abt them.

By the way concerning yr question, Shure Olives do not fit the IM02 because the tube nozzle diameter of the IM02 are thicker and wider, so they will not fit.
You might wish to give JVC Spiral dots a try or for a more fuller-heftier bass response, Comply TS-500 series foam tips would do wonders for this iem model. I am particularly more fond of the JVC Spiral dots in terms for the IM02 as I usually do not like overbloated bass response, prefer a more linear-sounding bass response for my listening preference.
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