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170 will stop at the train station entrance.
170X will not, it go straight to the immigration building
Check out other buses that stop at the train station entrance: 178, 856, 903, 911, 912, 913, 950 which you may take from Woodlands MRT/Interchange etc, not necessary from Kranji only which can be crowded at those peak period.
Go to Woodland interchange to take your buses to KTM entrance. Alight at the old interchange where Sheng Siong is located. You won't miss it, too many people getting down there. its very near from here about less than 5 min walk. Don't need to go into custom building and walk out. Its something like 10min walk KTM entrance.

As the Woodland interchange has just been shifted to the temporary interchange, it is a bit inconvenient as compared to the old one. berth 6 & 7, you can take either bus 911 or 913. Watch out for sign which indicates Woodland train station. Please note that these buses are town link. So be careful which berth you board the bus.

856 and 950 is group together at the last berth all the way to the back.. kind of inconvenient. The rest of the buses suggested by someone else,

Please note that 178 do not stop near KTM train entrance. It only goes to interchange on the way back and stop by at KTM bus stop.

At the old interchange, most buses going to KTM bus stop were clustered together, like 911, 912, 913, 856, 903, etc... However, there is a different in journey and number of stops these buses are route to. the fastest is 911 and 913.
Forget 856 as it is too far a distance to walk at interchange. in fact the route is almost identical to 950 except that it does not goes into custom building.
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