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Hi guys, heard rave reviews for blumaan and so I bought a tub of blumaan from groomingsociety to try out. It took 2days to process and another 5days before I got it even though it was normal mail in sg. What the hell. But ok, There was a 10% discount on their site so I won't complain.

First impression was rather underwhelming. The tub was made of some cheap ass plastic with some lousy quality print pasted on the outside.

Upon opening, didn't really particularly like the smell. It smell of faintly Peppermint; Like those Peppermint chewing gum.

The wax didn't come with a sealant and there was cracks along the circumference of the wax presumably from moisture escaping from the tub due to the lack of a sealant. Can I clarify with the other bros if they face something similar for their blumaan.

Wax was difficult to dig out and was extremely dry. Was even drier than the gold digger. Rubbing it on the palms makes it even drier. Was pretty grippy as I brought my fingers through my hair when applying.

Has a pretty strong hold that I feel is even stronger than gold diggers. I also like that it is more matte than GD. Easy to restyle as well and not greasy when I run my fingers along.

Overall decent product in achieving my hair objectives but the application process quite unenjoyable. Personally I don't like the smell of it too. And for the price, I feel it's pretty hype and underwhelming.
Mine was soft, smooth and easy to apply.

The scent is actually not that bad to me. Smells quite clean. It doesn't cling.

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