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daikin is good. i have been using for more than 16 years already.

only came in here because of constant leaking from my aircon unit.

sometimes leak when switch on, sometimes also leak when it's off lol

dunno wtf happen.

thinking maybe it's due to old age liao.

looking forward to change to new system 3, i'm also keen in the silver envi too

looking for more reviews before i settle it
Brother, the fancoil leaking is only due to the choke in the drainage piping as it will build up the gel as times goes by so you might want to ask the servicing company to do a check or if you can DIY, you can actually buy the solution by Mckenie to pour down the drainage pipinig.

Most of the times, I do general servicing including the piping choke clearing myself so only approach the servicing company for chemical washing of the coil.

I have been using National or Panasonic now for many years as they have the ionizer built-in so thinking want to change a different brand for a try.
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