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I see, but i've done and asked for servicing a couple of times already, even before cny.

now still leaking even without switching on lol

aiya might as well change to a new system 3

i need them to replace the old pipes to new too.

saw the promo at coolair @ 3500 for envi system 3

dunno worth it or not leh. silver envi or smart envi i dunno which one lol

dunno anything about ac
I see, it depend on where is the leakage and if water is leaking along the piping lines then there maybe a leak in the piping and nothing to do with the Air-con.

If the leakage is on the bottom of the fancoil then it is due to the build up of gel on the drainage piping which cause slow movement of water flowing thru the pipe so water will build up and cause leakage. Maybe the servicing company you approach is not so professional.

For Daikin, get the Silver Envi will do, you must request G22 for the Gas piping and 1/2 inch insulation. Compare a few more companies before deciding.
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