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The salesman told me he upgraded free insulation to Yamato insulation from Japan(white in color, different from black one and it comes in a bag of 45metre) and 23swg copper pipe. My hubby asked why the insulation so long and the salesman say it reduce condensation and then he also ask why it is not 22swg and he explained that they might tell u they use 22 but when they install time they will bring 23 or 24 one to cut cost which makes sense becos my hubby went to see my neighbour installation last week by some contractor so he kaypoh go and ask what pipe they using and they say 22 but then no packing one lei... only got marker write 22swg.. so hubby say better use reputable company for a/c, dun want to suffer leaking problem next time. Salesman was quite sincere and honest though.
I see, so the insulation is the 1/2 inch?

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