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Any recommendations for hairstyling product that has higher hold than suavecito (my current product) but similar in terms of washability.

Usual hairstyle is comb back with shaved sides. Find that suavecito doesn't hold enough and lies flat by mid day
Sauvecito is actually pretty ****ing strong. I don't think a new product is able to solve this problem.

Maybe blow dry wet hair thoroughly into dry hair first, and finish with a hairspray like Powerpoint? Blasting the roots of wet hair in the general direction you want the hair to lay, with hot air, should be beneficial.

You should also mention the problem to your hairstylist/barber next time. They probably know a thing or two about addressing this.

Posting a picture would help too. Sometimes hair needs to be long enough to lay back, otherwise it tends to fall to the sides.
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