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My MHI aircon broke recently after 7 years (installed in 2009).

Our service guy (Aircon Cooling) recommended a Mitsubishi Electric, while I'm undecided between these options, both are Inverter System 2 :

a) Mitsubishi Electric MXY-2E20VA / 2 X MSY-GE10VA for $2070 including installation.
This has 4 ticks (energy saving).
The service guy said this model is more quiet.

b) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SCM45ZJ-S / SRK25ZJ-S x 2, same price as above.
This has 2 ticks.
The guy said this model has more issues with his past customers of not being cold enough, faulty spare parts, etc.

Any experience with these 2 systems? Does the ME system (2 ticks) really consume so much electricity?
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