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any longhairs here? deaththeorist could come in give some advice

what is your routine and products u all use?
lol i jus realised my normal might not be your normal...

i always condition after shampooing, but dont always shampoo.

if not say dirty, will jus use conditioner.

if even cleaner, will jus use water.

if eveeeen cleaner, or lazy to wait for hair dry (like when come home past midnite shag max) i jus bun the **** up in the shower and dun let it get wet. but only if its clean and not oily luh... duh. if dirty and late bo bian got to blow dry.

if i jus product, will definitely shampoo. but long hair dont care dun everyday put stuff. short hair the time also can jus wear cap or fak it some days lol.

shampoo and conditioner jus use wadeva you like la. that one personal one.
the most impt thing is dont over clean. good for short hair, essential for long hair.
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