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Thanks, when do we consider as super peak period? Are Sundays during school holidays consider as super peak period?
Common sense when everyone wants to take advantage of certain day like public holiday, etc... Dec school holiday, etc....

Its really up to you to explore to find out more and gain experience. I also learn the hard way last Dec. I had never taken the train before that, never expected the Paris bombing could have so much effect on border crossing.

All the more so now even the MY CIQ is doing what SG is doing. So I would prefer to come back by train if I sense that could be pack. There again, I might be wrong. My last Monday trip to KSL pasam malam 2 weeks ago proved to be wrong. Causeway no jam.

Anyway, causeway has less jam now as both customs are doing the check before entering for clearance. So most jam are mostly before custom building. Only thing I hope, there are sufficient buses crossing the causeway so that there won't be any human jam in custom building..... by then... SIAN....
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