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I though grinding for HE is difficult but at least killing elite, challenge mode has a chance of drop HE. But those div tech, I go DZ. Open at least 20 to 30 boxes for 4 hour and not a single yellow. Scavenge 120%. Bought so many blueprints from DZ only mange to craft 2.

Now route agent are on a killing solo agent just doesn't stand a chance.
Because there are so many reasons to go rogue!

You're alone, we kill you.
You're in group, we kill you.
You've a bag of loot, we kill you.
You don't have a bag, we kill you.
You talk to us, we kill you.
You don't response we kill you.
You run into us, we kill you.
You run away from us, we kill you.
You open our chests, we kill you.
You kill our bosses, we kill you.
We see you shoot NPCs, we kill you.
We see you clap or exercise, we kill you.
You stood there afk, we kill you.
When you ask for help, we kill you.

The list continues. Once you start going rogue, you'll understand loooool.

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