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guys how u all get so high dps ah. i've got a HE vector 45 and HE black market AK 47. I read online say just mod abit vector suppose to hit 100k but im stuck at 73k with purple mods.

73k dps 53k hp want to increase dps w/o dropping my hp lower than 50k

also, i read an earlier post someone was saying hes armor cap. whats the armor cap in this game?
Paper dps in this game is really inaccurate. Accuracy increases paper dps by a lot. If you stack accuracy you'll think your dps is super high. But not all weapons benefit from accuracy (eg - bolt action MM rifle and SMG have almost no use for accuracy). % dmg to elite or armor destruction, some of the most value for money stats, also don't reflect on paper DPS. In fact, MM rifles are really good, but have very low paper dps for the actual damage you can do.

Personally, my SMG dps only shows 135k, but I can kill a Challenge mode pistol guy in 1 clip.
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