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a) Focus on getting HE ilvl31 gear (crafting). Max stats for ilvl31 armor pieces is 575 (for firearms, stamina, elec) Max stats for armor mods is 140~, so you want everything on ilvl31.

b) Stack Crit chance to at least 40%, Crit dmg at least 80%, with ilvl31 weapon mods.

c) Reckless talent on your chest piece easily increases your dmg output by a significant amount.

d) ilvl31 Mag mod although doesn't increase your bullet dmg, it raises your DPS.

e) Stack abit of ROF if required. Do not stack accuracy like the guys said.

f) Gloves should be always +SMG/+AR/+MM dmg, crit chance, crit dmg.

g) Focus on rolling highest bullet dmg vector and AK. Talents you want should be brutal, deadly, fierce. (Responsive / Prepared is also ok)

I think with the above you will easily go beyond 140k DPS.

Max armor is 4600~4650, which is 65% mitigation. You can stack armor over 5500 but its pointless since mitigation is capped at 65%. That said, armor only mitigates bullet damage, not melee, shock, burn and sticky bomb damage, so make sure you don't forget to stack health pool as well (or stack resistance but don't recommend). ilvl 31 armor pieces roll up to 2800 HP, ilvl31 mods roll up to 800~ HP as well.
ah... seems what im lacking is better gear with the right rolls... makes sense. i keep thinking i must be doing something wrong with my weapon mods
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