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As a follow-up to my previous post, Ah Boon replied this morning. Maybe news of this post got to them ... I won't know ... anyways he said he was on leave last week. I'll take it at face value.

Anyways, I am told that Urusara is single-split only, and Envi fancoils max at 14k BTU. Maybe this was already mentioned in here before but I didn't catch it ... but I guess that explains why some of you doing System 4 with Envi are using the old model fancoil for the living room, and this is something I don't accept.

I probably can't change my order from 2-tick Starmex to the 5-tick either, because my master and living room fancoil positions are cut-out from the false ceiling / L-box and the guys who'd installed the piping made markings meant for a 35-inch long cutout ... the 2-tick fancoils are 31-inches long and the 5-tick fancoils are 36-inches long. I'd probably have to go down to my unit with a measuring tape to see if they did the cut-outs according to the markings or whether they did a standard size cut-out, but chances are slim

I looked up the dimensions of several currently-popular brands' and models' fancoils and found that most are in the 9xx mm region in length. The 2-tick Starmex is pretty small at 798mm in length. If mine breaks down a few years from now and it is discontinued at that time and I need to buy a different brand / model, I think I'm royally F@%#ed

So ... lesson to be learned here ... anyone out there installing your fancoils into a cut-out in your false ceilings / L-boxes, do make sure your cut-outs are at least 1m in length or bigger for future replacement options.

Aron & Ah Boon's customer service is amazing.

I posted this not too long ago:

The above piping work was done by them.

And then I decided to ask Ah Boon on Whatsapp (because he doesn't answer the phone ) about the possibility of changing to either 5-tick Starmex or to Urusara or Envi, or whether I'm stuck with my original choice of 2-tick Starmex.

Msg sent early evening, he read the msg late evening, 2 blue ticks ... no reply.

Next afternoon sent another msg ... "do let me know pls, tks" ... he read it late evening, 2 blue ticks ... no reply.

Srsly? Business so good until don't even want to reply after reading? How to trust their after-sales service when they're already like that before the final sales concluded? I'm wondering if I should just pay them for the piping work already done and find someone else to do the fancoils.
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