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As a follow-up to my previous post, Ah Boon replied this morning. Maybe news of this post got to them ... I won't know ... anyways he said he was on leave last week. I'll take it at face value.

Anyways, I am told that Urusara is single-split only, and Envi fancoils max at 14k BTU. Maybe this was already mentioned in here before but I didn't catch it ... but I guess that explains why some of you doing System 4 with Envi are using the old model fancoil for the living room, and this is something I don't accept.

I probably can't change my order from 2-tick Starmex to the 5-tick either, because my master and living room fancoil positions are cut-out from the false ceiling / L-box and the guys who'd installed the piping made markings meant for a 35-inch long cutout ... the 2-tick fancoils are 31-inches long and the 5-tick fancoils are 36-inches long. I'd probably have to go down to my unit with a measuring tape to see if they did the cut-outs according to the markings or whether they did a standard size cut-out, but chances are slim

I looked up the dimensions of several currently-popular brands' and models' fancoils and found that most are in the 9xx mm region in length. The 2-tick Starmex is pretty small at 798mm in length. If mine breaks down a few years from now and it is discontinued at that time and I need to buy a different brand / model, I think I'm royally F@%#ed

So ... lesson to be learned here ... anyone out there installing your fancoils into a cut-out in your false ceilings / L-boxes, do make sure your cut-outs are at least 1m in length or bigger for future replacement options.
Maybe you should consider to partially remove the false ceiling and re-do after the aircon installation. I understand the newer aircon needs more headroom allowance for air inflow. The false ceiling will stack up the cost of the aircon project which will definitely remove the constraints you are facing now.
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