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my dear sweet friend whom i address as jiayi

she managed to help my cousin and i to ship some branded shoes and sensitive items when all other forwarders such as 65daigou ezbuy would reject shipping them.

Her service is good and price efficient.. Her home delivery service is super duper efficient and easy no additional costs involved.

She has good techniques in shipping tricky items like branded shoes especially.. Wink wink

One thing to note best thing to note!!!!!
Her sensitive sir shipping is cheap and moreover she gave me like $1 discount lol. and home delivery courier service is included.. Fast and efficient not like other forwarders where they are unnecessary delay and waiting times.

I will be using her service every single time only if i have alot of things to buy but unfortunately i dont have so many things to buy from taobao.
However my future purchases will be through her!!! Happy to know you jiayi
No agent fees and she also guarantee no loss of items/parcels.

Thats why we must support her.
I used to doubt cos she claimed to be so awesome..
Not until my cousin and i used her service... Was i really amazed.
Have no idea how she can good rates but.... Well she did deliver

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