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I have no idea what Aircon is good. I know one thing for sure. The LG Artcool gave me nightmares. The blower thing got spoilt and took almost 3 months get new parts.
First, like to thank this thread for the aircon info I got here last year.

I installed Mitsubishi Heavy System3 last Apr and happy with it. (~$2,880). From what I talked to installer, he told me that you will not go wrong with any of those "reliable" brand. Dun go for those China, local brand that use Japanese compressor or newly established Korean ones.

Reliable brand like Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Daikin tend to be better choices.

My Mitsubishi(MHI) came with a auto clean function which claim to save cleaning cost, but I have yet to use it since installed last year
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