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To cannotliao

I suspect your wiring between compressor and fcu broken/shorted.
thanks for your help.
actually i did get the service man to check and was told to change compressor pcb and all the wiring.
i like to confirm the pcb fail or else is purely wiring problem then no point spend the extra money for pcb or change whole system.
it look like 1 of the wire burned out as it had darkened color.
the other 2 wires look ok
i cut off one of the look ok wire to do test/trouble shoot and think likely the compressor pcb and 2 fcu failed.
i change the wire and try switch tested around different connector outlet to different fcu.
only 1 fcu able to on but after awhile it will shut down and fault code come out. the other 2 fcu totally cannot on.
think it time for a new system.
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