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Blind Barber 60 is not the best for volume. It's good for those low shine messy styles with the hair thrown back like:

However, honestly, Morris Motley can do a better job than Blind Barber 60 since it both has more hold and yet is way less sticky, so you can maintain that hair above for longer without seeking a mirror, and the movement is more natural besides!

If you want something more like a matte quiff, Dynamite Clay and Sea Salt spray would be a better choice. However, given that the combined price of those products, plus if you add in hairspray, will be close to Morris Motley, might as well go with Morris Motley instead.

It's really the BEST out there on the market. I never had a product that can last through an entire night at Zouk, and overall shape can be re-achieved with just a casual brush back of falling strands. Keeping in mind that I tend to rock messier hair, rather than most local guys who go for the "everything swee swee in place" style. The picture I shared last week is probably my neatest style in a long time.

Actually my hair is not that long, the longest only reaches to my nose. It's super layered and permed however to give it more volume.

Not doing a Morris Motley advertorial, but it really is a game changer.

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