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Hello there! I am a recent JC graduate offering tuition. Having recently completed my A levels, I understand the student’s perspective better compared to teachers and I can share many tips that teachers might not know. Please contact me at (add @ before gmail)

  • PSLE score of 274, was top in school, top for science, English and math
  • Graduated from RI (year 1-4) in 2012 with a GPA above 3.8 across all 4 years
  • Graduated from RI (year 5-6) in 2014 with 4 H2 As in BCME and 3 H1 As in GP/PW/Higher Chinese
  • Was consistently on the deans list (top 10 percent of RI cohort) for exams in the subjects of C/M/E and GP in year 2
  • I have been accepted into the law program for the following unis: NUS, SMU, University of Oxford, University College London, University of Durham and Kings College London (top 5 unis in the UK)
  • I will be studying at Oxford for law in 2017

  • I have tutored students ranging from primary school to JC
  • Have been told by students and parents that I am able to explain tough concepts simply
  • Visible improvement in the student’s grades after 2 months of teaching for most students I have taught

Rates (negotiable)
  • JC: 50/hour
  • Secondary: 40/hr
  • Primary: 30/hr
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