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Abused my unlimited PP recently, so I thought I'd take the chance to provide a quick review.


SATS Lounge - best food imo. but slightly crowded. also there were only 2 showers and there was a queue for the showers.

dnata lounge - decent food, decent alcohol, slightly crowded

Haven: no alcohol. food is ok. chairs aren't particularly comfortable but it was decently quiet. The only reason I would use this lounge is if I'm still landside and can't check in yet.

Ambassador transit - nice and quiet with not-so-good food. only place I saw that had ice cream. didn't see the liquor so can't comment on that. many shower stalls with a good area for you to sit down and blow dry your hair/apply makeup/whatever.

T2 (I visited these lounges quite late into the night, there may be better food/alcohol earlier in the day):

Green market - standard meal (I got the saba, ok but not fantastic... like the $7 kind at food court). Buffet spread wasn't great, just some salads and a chicken dish

Ambassador transit - this one had a gym. mediocre food, not very crowded but not quiet.

Overall recommendations:

- Haven if you are stuck landside (only option available anyway)
- SATS if you want food and alcohol
- Maybe Green Market if you want food and no alcohol (I've heard the spread is better earlier in the day)
- Ambassador T3 if you just want to shower and rest
- Ambassador T2 to workout

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