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Game Deals

[ Porting over the popular Game deals thread from GAX. Some info in the first posts may be outdated. Please refer to latest posts for latest deals. ]

This first post serves as an index listing overseas merchants that ship directly to Singapore (no need vPost or such service). They accept Singapore credit cards, some accepts PayPal.

See second post for PSN cards (instant code and physical) and game guides.

Please refer to the last few pages of this thread for the latest deals. Beware that the persons posting bear no responsibility of you getting poisoned

About digital purchase from another region's PSN store

This thread covers sales on PSN stores (digital download) as well, including all regions. To buy from another region or country, you must use a PSN account of the same region/country to make the purchase (but can play using your SG account*).

How to create PSN account in another region?
- Follow the steps to create a PSN account in US, UK, Japan, Canada, etc.
- Setup the account on your PS4/PS3. On the PS4, "activate as primary PS4".

How to top up PSN wallet in another region?
- Buy PSN card for the corresponding country (instant delivery of digital code, no waiting for shipping)
- Redeem code on PSN store
- Purchase the digital game, DLC, etc.
- Switch to any account (like SG) on your console to play*.

* Notes:
- PS Vita is single account only. Cannot purchase digital Vita games on one account and play on another (though Vita games on physical cards can be shared).
- A PSN account can reside in 2 PS3 consoles. Digital games owned by the account can be used by other PSN accounts on those PS3s.
- A PSN account can reside in 2 PS4 consoles however only 1 of them can be activated as primary PS4 for that account. On its primary PS4, digital games owned by the account can be played by other PSN accounts. On its secondary PS4, only that account can play them.
- Some games/DLCs may be locked to a region or to the account that purchased them. Avatars are always locked to the account.

A) UK sites that ship games (region 2) to Singapore: (shipping: 0.99 per order) (shipping: 0.99 per order) (shipping: 4.48 per item) (shipping: first class with tracking, seems to be base rate plus weight, 7.20 and above) (shipping: 4.95 per order) ** (shipping: 4.95 per order) ** (shipping: 4.95 per order) (shipping: 4.50 per item)

- PS3 games are not region locked, so you can play UK region 2 (R2) games on your local Asia region 3 (R3) PS3 console. Most online games do not have have server restriction based on region code of the game disc, so you should not have any problem playing with others who have a different region game disc. However if you have an R2 game and you want to buy any downloadable contents (DLC) like expansion packs, you need to get a Europe PSN store pre-paid card.
- On certain games' menus, the O and X buttons may be swapped cos Europe has different convention (X for ok instead of O).
- Shipping from UK to Singapore is typically 10 days to 2 weeks, though some times it may take 3 or 4 weeks. Any longer, you should contact the merchant.
- When paying by credit card for the first time, at random, sites like zavvi/thehut may ask you to provide your card statement for verification. You can scan the first page of your statement, block out details of your transactions and only show them the address.

If you want to buy Blu-ray movies (region B) from UK sites, remember to first check whether they are region locked.
See our Blu-ray thread for more details.

Currency converter ( to SGD$):;to=SGD;amt=1
Or just enter in Google: "1 gbp in sgd" (or whatever amount, like "17.95 gbp in sgd")

Compare prices:
(Shipping charges are not taken into consideration. Not all sites listed there ship to SG directly.)

B) US sites that ship games (region 1) to Singapore: (shipping: US$29.99 per shipment plus US$5.99 per item via courier)
- Amazon offers free shipping to SG for purchases over $125 (conditions apply, see here for details)
- Amazon US ships some video games to SG. Look for "Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S." in the details. However shipping to SG is limited to priority courier. (Some times a lower price expedited shipping option is available.) (shipping: US$3.99 per order plus US$1.99 per unit. Ships via US Post Office, typically over 2 weeks.)
- Note: DeepDiscount has stopped accepting SG customers. It is not clear whether they will still ship to existing customers. tbd (shipping: US$8.99+)

C) Asia sites that ship games to Singapore: (shipping: no longer free) (shipping: US$4 for 1st item, US$2 for subsequent items; excluding accessories and special editions)

Currency converter (US$ to SGD$):;to=SGD;amt=1
Or just enter in Google: "1 usd in sgd" (or whatever amount, like "19.95 usd in sgd")

If you discover any good site that ships directly, even if they are not having a sale right now, please post here. With contribution from fellow forumers, this is becoming quite a good list of sources where we can import our games.

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