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i think i'm just greedy lah, i want the hair to absorb as much nutrients as possible. also, i find that when i put the conditioner longer (20 - 30 mins), it can really soften and clean away the spray and stuff there. Previously when i apply and just wash off, the spray and hair products can't go away (shampoo is unable to clean the stuff off, only the olive oil conditioner can)

i remember reading an article some years back which says conditioners need time to be absorbed into the hair.

of course i didn't.

i take a long time to bath (20 - 30 mins), slowly wash.
what happens is, at the start of the bath, i apply conditioner and let it stay on the hair. Then, for the next 30 mins, i just bath normally, then before stepping out of shower, i wash it off.

feels really really good and hair feels very soft afterwards.
like jh say, only if u using old fashioned hair mask then u leave in long. for modern conditioners its best to not let it soak there too long tho... not too great for scalp. u know they always say conditioner avoid scalp? i think if u leave in for so long sure will flow onto ur scalp rest there one
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