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I guess most people use blowdryer and styling products on their hair everyday. And of course, there will be consequences that follow. But it is not the end as there can be ways to reduce the damage done (preventive) or to fix it (corrective).

You can consider using a good heat protectant to reduce the heat damage done to your hair when you see symptoms caused by heat, such as dry or frizzy or even split ends.

When you feel that your scalp is often itchy or feels "dirty", try out a scalp cleansing shampoo to cleanse it well. And if its you having a hard time to comb through your hair due to excess styling product residues in the hair, try changing to a stronger cleanser to do a better job.

First impression after reading your post, get yourself a new and stronger cleanser. It seems that your hair is not cleansed properly that leads to probable yanking off of the hair. I could be wrong as you will know it better yourself.
So far okay leh. Hair feel very smooth and soft when I touch it.. Just that it keeps on dropping lo lol. Especially when shampooing or applying hair products. Palm a lot of hair.
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