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Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a first hand review on JY's services in purchasing from taobao.

I have been through several agents over the years, including some online companies as well as a couple of forumers here in hwz. Also, i have shipped items in myself. Recently, i had to buy quite a bit of stuff from TB for my kid birthday celebration. Items were small but many. Price quotation and estimate given by JY were very prompt and clear. What's best is that she will even help you negotiate for prices and even give you the amount of savings you will gain. Order, payment and receive of items, from start to finish were very smooth. Better still, JY gives you prompt updates on the status of your goods and clarify doubts very fast. I would rather have such service than everytime have to login to website to see the status of the items and hope that everything is ok.

Overall service is excellent with a very jovial attitude towards business and customers. Result is a very happy buyer. Its in fact the first time I actually felt that my items were in good hands and definitely I will be a returning customer! To those who are looking for an agent to bring in your purchases, based on what I've experienced so far, JY will make sure you and your goods are well taken care of! =)

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