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^ It's not a pomade, it's a slightly creamy, waxy product that gives hold and shine.

Because Chrome is easier to apply and wash out, it beats out most pomades on the market, unless you are really going for a tight, wet, held down look.

IMO that look doesn't go well with most Chinese headshapes, which are sort of flat in the back and just makes your head looks square af, and not in the manly way either. Unless you have Takeshi Kaneshiro/ Andy Lau facial genetics, then you can just about wear any kind of hairstyle.

Also, because Google is often your best friend and because most people don't bother to desktop research: What is a pomade, a wax, a clay and a gel?
haha thank you. i know whats the different between each product. But because mm does not specificly say what type of hair product.
So btw whats the 'best' hair pomade out there now?

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