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Suggest you go read through the QnA from some of the seller's listings. I have contacted the seller before. Warranty is in-house for their parallel import models, meaning they have appointed qualified technicians to do servicing for warranty claims. They do offer longer warranty but you need to top-up additional for that. Also, they will still help to troubleshoot and repair when warranty period is over but of course they will charge you for that. As with all parallel import models, there is no local warranty coverage so local service centers wont recognise. But to answer your question, hisense has not local presence here so naturally no local service center.

According to online reviews by a few tech sites, this model is pretty decent and specs wise, a generous amount of connectors(4x hdmi of which 2 are hdmi 2.0 and support hdcp 2.2, 3x USB). However, since this is still considered an entry level model, there are probably drawbacks in stuff like picture quality and no support for hdr. If all you want is a cheap 4k model and dont worry about lack of local warranty coverage, no harm going for this model since it only costs $699 if you buy from qoo10 with $100 off coupon. If you want something with local warranty, be prepared to pay about $1.1-1.2k and go for something like the LG 49UF640 or Panasonic 50cx400.
Thanks for the insight, man!
Option #1:
I was thinking that since it's a cheap 4k model and cost only for $699 but had to prepared that the lifespan is probably 1 year, so worse comes to worst have to repair or if the cost of repairing turns out to be higher than buying new one, no choice had to buy new one again

Option #2:
Look for a TV that carry 3 years local warranty with the price tag is <$1k. At least it able to survive throughout 3 years which bring out to $334 depreciation per year.

To be honest with I'm incline with option #2 to mitigate some unforeseen risks.
Oh well, I guess, I'm back to the drawing board to look for another TV model.
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