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Ultimately it depends on whether you are prepared to take the risk of shorter warranty in exchange for big savings upfront. Nobody can guarantee you how long the tv set is gonna last and its wrong to deduce that just because its parallel import and chinese brand it wont last for more than 1 year. Even reputable brands have failure rates and having local warranty is for naught if the tv set constantly breaks down every few months and you gotta send it for servicing. If local warranty is a must, then you are severely restricted by your budget of 1k. Your only choice is going for smaller size 40-43 inches or up your budget by at least $200 and go for the 2 models i mentioned previously. However, those 2 are entry level models too so compromises have to be had.
Yup, don't think I'll take the risk by getting Hisense.
btw any other model in mind for FHD (around $1k budget)? preferred size is 40" inch plus.

within your budget, buy a 1080p TV than a 4K. the 1080p will be a better TV than a 4K model if priced the same. 4K is nothing with only a resolution. u can never measure quality with just a given number.
Cool, do you have any TV model in mind that I should be looking for that within my budget? (plus minus I'm able to stretch extra 10-20%).

Reason being is my viewing from my sofa to the TV set to be around 2.8m hence should be no issue whether it's a FHD TV.
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