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Yup, don't think I'll take the risk by getting Hisense.
btw any other model in mind for FHD (around $1k budget)? preferred size is 40" inch plus.
Panasonic new 2016 model 49DS630. Only arrive at our shores 1 week ago. Saw it at Harvery Norman going for $1199. Alternatively, you can also go for the 2015 model equivilant 49CS630 which should be about $150-200 cheaper.

Do head to the various large retailers and take a look at and gauage the models yourself. End of the day, you are the one watching the tv so what appears good to us might not be the same for you. Also keep a lookout on the newpapers during the weekends to see if any of the retailers are running roadshows or in-store promos. Some limited sets offers can be alot cheaper than the normal retail price e.g the 49cs630 was selling for as low as $799 previously.

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