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just come back from site survey of the TVs in Harvey Norman.
The one capture my attention are LG 49UH650T ($1.6k) and 49UH850T ($2k).

Seen both Panasonic TH-49CX700S ($1.5k) and TH-49DS630S ($1.2k), they look okay to me, not too outstanding (perhaps the video sample that they shown is lower quality than LG ).

Nonetheless, all over my budget , looks like need to bump up my budget by 100% to get a decent one!
Avoid the UH650T. LG's most entry level 4k model and little difference between this and the 2015 model UF640T. If anything, save $500 and go for the UF640T if you so desire. Can get from this reputable carousell seller that does payment upon meetup UH850T is a decent step-up but as you said it yourself, the price would exceed your budget by almost 100%. If your budget is tight and you die die want 4k, suggest you wait till at least June then make your purchase. 2016 models for various brands only just released recently and retailers will surely price them near rrp. Give it another couple of months and you will see prices start to drop.

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