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Hi guys ,

Just purchase a system 3 Europace 28k btu 9+9+12 @ 3399.
Sales person say that it is a new model from Europace.

Any comments?
Did you bought it from those big store? Aka Courts, Gain City, etc? EuroAce is one of the brand I was looking at and was around $23xx...The one with LED light panel to show the temperature?

I got friends in the reno line that told me the trick is to go to these big stores just to look see the brand you want. Then go to the smaller shops, online or known installers to ask for the quotation. You will find that price is cheaper...

And the installer for my aircon (MHI) advice me not to get EuroAce when I initially asked. He said though compressor was Misubishi, it is not sure whether the parts will work as well.

Just my 2 cents
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