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Anyway, my real world aircon + electrical appliances usage, with a 2-tick and non-inverter system. 2 aircon rooms usage with occasional 3rd room using. 1 x Plasma TV, 1 x non inverter 2 tick fridge. I'd say the room insulation is excellent. Usually 25 deg C thermostat for the first 1-2 hrs, later set to 26/27 deg C esp during early mornings. Cold enough. Direct airflow to the sleeping position. Weekends are spent at home, 1 room is literally 18-20hrs in operation somemore due to kids sleeping etc.

Usually is about 110 dollars in total, not only air con usage. Peaks at 120+ dollars. There was a big dip last month though, we totally cut away the water heater usage (last time got use bath tub and 100 litres of water, for the kids. )

So that 15-20% electrical consumption diff in aircon usage is not gonna be huge between a 2 tick and 4 tick system. Not at least for me.

GPGT - 4-room BTO.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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