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Oh yeah one more thing....

(1) Cleanliness of your indoor coil
(2) to a lesser extent, cleanliness of your outdoor coil

......are gonna be huge factors in dictating the end efficiency. A drop of 50-65% in cooling capacity is not uncommon for a dirty FCU, while the AC draws the same current/power, inverter or non-inverter 2 ticks 5 ticks doesn't matter at all.

For me I have HEPA filtration for the room (due to allergic rhinitis management) with about 7x ACH and also I DIY clean the indoor coil with pressurised water from a waterpik and aircon foam surfactant, once every 3-8 weeks cycles depending on haze/air quality.
External coil, just hose it down with light to moderate water pressure would do. If you want and it's safe on the AC ledge, you can spray the foam surfactants yearly.

In the 2013 Air Purifier thread, i think some go do steam cleaning too for the outdoor coil. The Before and After did show a big difference though. There probably was/were quite a fair bit of PM from 2013 ahd 2015 haze seasons. These are real life operating scenarios.

For me, it's already proven in the bills....even with a non-inverter and 2 tick system and basically 2 BTO rooms to be cooled nightly. A few folks are doing this in the 2014 Air Purifier thread too. (2013 AP thread is lost/deleted so i can't show you the pics etc)

But note - of course if the 4-tick system is just 200 or 300 dollars more expensive or your usage pattern is SOLID and you like it really cold at 22 deg C with 3 or 4 rooms including living room cooling, then go for it.

People don't do 1 month frequency servicing cycle but more like 6 or 12 months cycle, simply because it'd cost big time. (Some in EDMW mentioned they don't even service yearly)
For me, 1 can of aircon surfactant can use 4 times (4 cleanings per can). About 7 dollars plus per can. Remember to rinse it off though.
1-hr ug/m3 + PSI

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